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Here you will find a collection of YouTube videos that show Cascade demos and intros for both C64 and Amiga. An easy and simple way to see some of our demos in action, without using an emulator.

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Now showing: Megademo 2 (1988)

This megademo is the first demo for Cascade by Distance after joining and I (Zeldin) must say it's an impressive debut! Distance did a great job, coding all these nice parts and effects! A Short word about the numbering of this megademo: This demo here is in some parts labeled as "Megademo 1" and in other parts as "Megademo 2". Truth is, that this is infact the second megademo of Cascade, because there's another megademo which is done before this one and labeled as V1.0 (also named "Fanatic"). This V1.0 version was made by Bruce & Bongo and Crackline between Sept. and Dec. 1988. I own only a bugged version, which I am not able to upload (yet). Funny enough, there also exists another "Megademo Two" (made by the members in Netherlands... scroll up to see), which in that manner should have been called "Megademo 3"... are you confused now? I hope so :-)

Cascaders involved in this production:
Distance - Code + Graphic
Bruce - Music (intro sample)
Bongo - Music (intro sample)
Soundwizard - Music
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