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Cascade Musics Releases

In this section you will find all musical efforts that were done by Cascade-Musicians in the last 20 years. Homecomputer musics have become quite fasionable these days, so this is our tribute to the days, when people programmed synthesizer chips and music trackers. You can listen to these tunes via your PC by using special software... you get more info about the music modes in the chapter.

Ken was active both on C64 and later on Amiga, therefore you will find .sid and .mod files in his section. Some of the tunes here are eventually not used in a "Cascade" production, but released when he was already member of "Yankees" (C64) or "Drifters" (Amiga).

Monte Carlos already proved his skills as excellent coder several times in many Cascade demos. What most people probably don't know is, that he also composed some C64 musics. Being a music freak in real life, playing lots of instruments among them classical instruments like the piano but also exotic instruments like the didgeridoo and all kinds of percussion drums. No wonder his tunes also have this exotic style.

Ray is not only the Cascade C64 musician (since a long time unactive, though), but also Zeldin's old schoolmate and longtime pal!
They already worked together back in 1986 on diverse C64 projects. Hundreds of C64 tunes were composed by Ray back in these days. The following selection of his tunes, are all made inbetween 1988-1997. Probably I will also release the very old tunes someday and probably there will be some new tunes someday... get your ass up you lazy fish... ;-)

Skimmer was the very skillful Cascade Amiga musician from the Swedish Department.

This section samples different musics made by various Cascade musicians. The reason why these cool guys don't get seperate chapters is not meant as disrespect, but because 3 or less music files would leave the presentation screen so empty ;-)

Presented musicians in this chapter are:
Bruce - Dragon - Fletch - Jeffrey - Mastermind - Mathemagician - MML/Liquid - Soundwizard - Whee

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