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03.06.2023 - C64 game 'Dr. Maria' released - free for download
Dr. Maria (C64)Short Futures present 'Dr. Maria', a pill flipping puzzling production for the Commodore 64. Experimental viruses have mutated and are trying to escape from the research lab. Help Doctor Maria use her pills to destroy all the viruses before they spread. The game was available first to ZZAP! 64 subscribers on the issue 14 cover disk, now it was released to the public as free digital download.
03.06.2023 - VIC-20 game 'Supa Vidya Poker - Black Lodge Edition' released - free for download
Supa Vidya Poker - Black Lodge EditionSupa Vidya Poker' for VIC-20 (+16k) is, as the name suggests, a Poker game, but with a back story: You are an agent of the F.B.I. and you have been tasked with investigating the disappearance of another agent of the bureau. After a long and winding road your search has led you to a place called the Black Lodge. You now have to play a game of video poker. Get a full house and keep the code, it could become useful later (literally for use in another game).
02.06.2023 - C64 Round Up: June 2023 - The Games Keep on Coming! - video from 'RetroGamerNation'
Video by RetroGamerNation - YouTube screenshotThe June 2023 edition of the RGN Commodore 64 (C64) Round Up featuring the latest game releases, pixel art, demo and add-on items.
02.06.2023 - Polar Bear in Space! (C64) Review - video from 'BastichB 64K'
Video by BastichB 64K - YouTube screenshotReview for the Commodore 64 Platform/Shooter 'em Up game Polar Bear in Space! version 2 which is also getting a new physical cartridge release.
31.05.2023 - WIP C64 game 'SnakeEscape64' - Beta version free for download
SnakeEscape64 (C64)'SnakeEscape64' is a new C64 game in progress, where your goal is to escape each room. There are infinite rooms. But each room is a little more difficult then the previous. You play it fast or slow. It is up to you which strategy you choose. Do you want to get to the highest level, or make the most points?
31.05.2023 - 'Games That Weren't 64' (GTW64) - May 2023 updates
Games That Weren't 64 (GTW64) - May 2023 updatesOK, so not as big an update as last month, but still a sizable one none-the-less, and with two very important additions. A total of 14 completely new entries too to further increase the size of the C64 archive, along with 11 updates overall and two very special findings! Many of the new entries are for titles which may well be out there, just not yet preserved. Can you help find them?
29.05.2023 - Amiga game 'Galaxian500' - Beta version for download
Galaxian500 (Amiga)This Galaxian transcode port for OCS Amigas is now available as downloadable Beta version for little money (name your own price) to support the developer.
29.05.2023 - One Bad Byte Broke This Game: Commodore 64's "Livingstone, I Presume?" - video from '8-Bit Show And Tell'
Video by 8-Bit Show And Tell - YouTube screenshot"Livingstone, I Presume?" is a puzzle platform adventure that had me entranced as a kid. Unfortunately, the Commodore 64 version I played always crashed at a particular point well into the game. I thought it was a bug in my pirated copy, but later I've learned even the original store-bought version had the bug. Today we take a look at the game and the cause of the crash, and see if we can fix it and get further into the game.
29.05.2023 - Commodore PET game 'PETSCII Bros' released - free for download
PETSCII BrosThis Commodore PET game has similar game mechanics to the original Mario Bros arcade game. Hit the floor under the turtles to flip them, and jump up to kick them. A one or two player action game made for the TOJam 2023 game jam. Mario Bros is not that well known .. it came after Donkey Kong but before Super Mario Bros, introduced Luigi for the first time and also changed Mario from a carpenter into the plumber that we know today.
29.05.2023 - Amiga tank Mouse by Lukas Remis Review - video from '10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast'
Video by 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast - YouTube screenshotThis week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast (10MARC) Doug is reviewing the new Tank Mouse replica from Lukas Remis - This thing is lovely!
27.05.2023 - C64 game 'Ooze: The Escape' released
Ooze: The Escape (C64)'Ooze: The Escape' is a port of the Spectrum version to C64 by Haplo (maker of 'Tenebra' and 'Caim'). Help Ooze navigate through various corridors and laboratories, using its gravity-reversing powers to overcome obstacles and avoid the robotic guards in an attempt to escape from this dangerous subterranean complex. The game features many improvements such as: - Vastly improved graphics, sprites and sprite overlays. - Tons of new animations. - Improved screens and game-play. - A minimap. You can get the game as digital download for a bargain (name your own price).
27.05.2023 - 'Island Rescue' for Commodore PET released
Island RescueIsland Rescue ported from the C64 version created by Eleanor Rice and DR. C. F. Cannon. Find food and water and attempt to be rescued from an island. You can get the game as free digital download.
27.05.2023 - 'Tapper' for Amiga finally released
Tapper'Tapper' is a true arcade classic from Bally Midway, which was already available on nearly all 8-Bit machines in the 80s. Now the game was ported to Amiga (need OCS with 1mb Chip Ram). You can get it as free download on the Indie Retro News webpage.
26.05.2023 - PDF Retro magazine REV'n'GE issue #146 for download
GE issue #146 for downloadREV'n'GE (Retro Emulator Vision and Game) is an Italian and English language PDF magazine, not only for Commodore fans, that mainly focus on game REViews.
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