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Here you will find all the latest Commodore news - mostly related to C64 - Amiga - C128 - Plus/4 - VIC-20 - PET. This ticker contains news about new game and hardware releases, latest video and podcast uploads, trivia and product information. All freshly fished from the web. RSS feed available!

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23.05.2024 - C64 game 'Die Kaufmannsgilde' released - free for download
Commodore News - - external linkDie Kaufmannsgilde is a board game like, turn based business simulation. You play an aspiring merchant in medieval Germany, trying to become a member of the powerful merchant guild. This game requires quick short-term decisions when trading various goods and strategic sense in order to win enough votes for yourself in the guild council. You can get the game as free download, but it is also available as boxed version.
21.05.2024 - WIP Amiga game 'Settle the World' - Bugfix Update - May 2024
Commodore News - - external linkSettle the World is a turn-based building and trading game with a focus on local multiplayer (up to four players on one Amiga computer), which you can download for free. The bugfix update is finished and is recommended for everyone who is still playing on the April 2024 version. In addition to fixing bugs, the movement system of units has been reworked. Units can now move a little more, and the player should now receive the message about too few movement points much less frequently.
20.05.2024 - 10x Faster Than C64 BASIC? Hare Basic - video from '8-Bit Show And Tell'
Commodore News - - external linkHare Basic is a fast, limited instruction set, integer-only basic interpreter (not a compiler) for Commodore 64 and VIC 20, created by Aleksi Eeben and released for free download in May 2024. Join Robin as he shows you what he has learned about the language, as we walk through the code of some of the included example programs, and the small game he wrote with it.
19.05.2024 - C64 game 'Sky Saviour' released
Commodore News - - external link'Sky Saviour' is a classic, oldschool shoot'em'up for C64. Defend the futuristic city of NeoCov from bizarre alien insect invaders! Your mission is to intercept and eliminate the enemies before they reach the city center. You can get the game as digital download for a bargain (name your own price) to support the developer.
18.05.2024 - 'Excalibur' - Adventure for C64 and Plus/4 released - free for download
Commodore News - - external linkExcalibur is the new text adventure from ZX Spectrum, originally made by Gian Battista Aicardi and published in the 43rd issue of Load'n Run magazine, November 1987. Just like the early released Bronx / Bronx64, first in this row, it features hires, slightly animated, graphics, and 80-column character set, and can be played both in the original Italian language and translated into English. C64 version can be downloaded here.
18.05.2024 - 'Final Fight Enhanced' for Amiga - new build released
Commodore News - - external linkFinal Fight is a series of beat 'em up video games by Japanese publisher Capcom, which began with the arcade release of Final Fight in 1989. 'Final Fight Enhanced' for Amiga (AGA/ECS), which was released earlier this year has got a new build with some minor fixes and a new move.
18.05.2024 - C64 game 'Enduro' - Demo version released
Commodore News - - external linkEnduro is a WIP racing games with full day/night cycle for the C64. The offered download is a demo version, so many features from the original are missing, and there are also some bugs.
15.05.2024 - Building a MicroCommodore 64: Hardware, Coding and Gaming - video from 'Sayaka's Digital Attic'
Commodore News - - external linkAfter the MiniCommodore 64, Sayaka wondered if it was possible to make an even smaller one. In this video, she builds a MicroCommodore 64!
15.05.2024 - VIC-20 game 'Emu’s Massive Hunt' released
Commodore News - - external link'Emu’s Massive Hunt' for VIC-20 (+35k) is a platformer game with 64 screens, where you have to find 255 items. Help the Emu traverse the Pink Windmill. But watch out, as it’s been overtaken by all kinds of monsters! The game can be obtained as cassette version by 'The Future was 8bit'.
14.05.2024 - Top 5 Commodore 64 Scrolling Beat 'Em Ups - video from 'BastichB 64K'
Commodore News - - external linkHere are BastichB 64K's the favorite 5 C64 Scrolling Beat 'Em Ups, not the best of all time just simply the ones he enjoys the most + 3 honorable mentions.
13.05.2024 - Rogue Declan for the Amiga CD32 Review and Unboxing - video from '10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast'
Commodore News - - external linkThis week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast (10MARC), Doug is unboxing the new CD32 version of Rogue Declan from Nivrig Games. Come share the awesome goodies in the box, and check out some of the new gameplay modes!
12.05.2024 - C64 game 'Broken Mirror' released - free for download
Commodore News - - external link‘Broken Mirror’ was originally an interactive fiction game created in a programming language called ALAN IF. Now it was ported over to C64, becoming a great looking adventure horror game, by Tommie Hansmar with music by 4Gente Zeus Zardax.
11.05.2024 - Firmware version 3.11a - for U2+L - Dated 2024-05-10
Commodore News - - external linkThis version adds WiFi support for the Ultimate II+L, the C64 floppy emulator and versatile multifunction cartridge. Additions: 1. WiFi support - Now that the WiFi modules for the U2+L are available, you will need this firmware to enable it. In this zip there are two files; the firmware update for the cartridge itself (.u2l) file and the firmware file for the ESP WiFi module (.esp). They have to be applied in this order. 2. Ethernet fix - Improves compatibility with some switches and routers. The LAN should now work with these. 3. Garbled characters fix. - On some machines, especially on NTSC machines, the 3.11 firmware gave some timing issues. This build should fix that. 4 .Ulticopy fix - In 3.11 Ulticopy was broken; it should work again - supposedly - not tested.
11.05.2024 - C64 game 'Shift' - Preview released
Commodore News - - external linkStep into the monochromatic and mind-bending universe of Shift, where black and white landscapes hide more than meets the eye! This is a preview release. It contains the first 10 levels of the game. It is missing a few features (e.g. sound effects), and very likely contains bugs. You can get the game as digital download for a bargain (name your own price) to support the developer.
08.05.2024 - C64 game 'Deadline' released - free for download
Commodore News - - external link'Deadline' is a classic text adventure for the Commodore 64 and was made by the group The Cracking Tomatoes presumably in the late eighties, but not released. Until today.
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