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Farewell Patrick!
Author: Zeldin - written on 31.12.2014
My "Highscore" Story
Author: Zeldin - written on 19.12.2013
25 Years Cascade
Author: Zeldin - written on 25.07.2013

25 Years CascadeHappy birthday!!! Cascade was found in April 1988 (read trivia for more info) and so this makes it a fourth of a century old. We planned to celebrate this with a little, sweet demo. It would have contained the graphics you see on the right (more info about it here). But we sadly failed, due to time intensive real life things. We already missed the 20 years celebration demo and together with lots of other failed projects, all the unfinished parts, routines, graphics and stuff are slowly filling more an more disks in our boxes. Anyway... we are still around, and one day we will even manage to pull out a demo again, I am sure. In the meantime you might enjoy the shown no-border graphic, made for the jubilee.

Now a short message to all current or former Cascade members: Wherever you are, to which coast of life you got drifted, I want to send you my warm hearted greetings and all my love. Feel honoured, that you have been (or still are) part of a project, that was started as a simple hobby of some young lads - unprofessional, non-commercial, not lifestyle driven and not guided by any political or industrial elites - and still it exists after 25 years! I feel very proud of that and so should you!
Commodore 64: 8 Bit Legend
Author: Zeldin - written on 19.09.2012
The Stuff Is Out There
Author: Zeldin - written on 06.11.2010
I hate moving...
Author: Zeldin - written on 20.05.2009
New Cascade Website finished
Author: Zeldin - written on 05.10.2008
Commodore News
...freshly fished out of the net...
26.11.2021 -
Commodore News -
Commodore 64 Game on Vinyl: "We Are Stardust" - new Video from '8-Bit Show And Tell'
LukHash's new record "We Are Stardust" contains some great Retrowave music, but also has a Commodore 64 game by Megastyle stored in the vinyl grooves. We look at how to load this game on a real Commodore 64, and give it a play.

26.11.2021 -
Commodore News -
Building a NEW Commodore 1581 disk drive in 2021! - new video from 'retrobits'
Ep 49 : Everything you need to build your own Commodore 1581 3.5” drive from new parts using a reproduction logic board.

26.11.2021 -
Commodore News -
Dead KERNAL ROM? - new video from 'Noel's Retro Lab'
Let's answer a few questions about the dead KERNAL ROM from the previous VIC-20 repair episode.

26.11.2021 -
Commodore News -
Amiga action adventure 'Tales of Gorluth III' ready for pre-order
Tales of Gorluth III - A very emotional and thrilling story about you and your way back to yourself! This is the final chapter of the award-winning franchise: - Linear Action Adventure. - In English and German! - Brand new gameplay combined with traditional and beloved Gorluth action. - Highly detailed graphics - Multiple 32 colour palettes. - Brand new monsters, traps, treasures and riddles. - Epic Boss fights. Will be shipped in December 2021.

26.11.2021 -
Commodore News -
New demo version of WIP Amiga game 'Project - Quest'
'Project - Quest : Chapter I' is an 8-way scrolling top down fantasy shooter game for Commodore Amiga. You can get the playable demo as digital download for a bargain (name your own price). System requirements: - HDD - ECS or AGA - 2.0Mb chipRam (at least 1.5 free). Current version-date is: 2021.11.25 and contains: Level 1 - some fixes. - smaller laggs in movement (I hope it is visible). - minor changes for the future in engine (Traps, grass trampling, ...). - added a few map elements to make it more colorfull (+1 Enemy, tiles, lighting, player, ...). - Skeletons can reanimate. - esater eggs ;)

25.11.2021 -
Commodore News -
VIC-20 Core released for 'Turbo Chameleon 64'
There is a port of the MiST VIC20 core to the Turbo Chameleon 64 cartridge available. This is not the same as the official Chameleon VIC20 core which presumably was developed mostly as an exercise in debugging the VIA chip implementation (needed for 1541 disk drive emulation in the C64 core). Turning that core into a polished end-user product was never the main goal, or a high priority - which is why developer Alastair M. Robinson felt it worthwhile to bring the MiST VIC20 core to Turbo Chameleon 64.

24.11.2021 -
Commodore News -
'Games That Weren't 64' (GTW64) November 2021 update
"A bit back to normality this month, with a lot more new unreleased game entries and updates in our penultimate GTW64 update before the end of 2021." 8 new entries added (Anna, Core, Gape, Pixie and Dixie, Popeye V1, The Lost World, Unknown SEU, Unnamed game), plus 25 updates.

23.11.2021 -
Commodore News -
'Bagman Comes Back' - new C64 game released
This game is a tribute to Bagman, an arcade game released by Valadon Automation in 1982. This version is made up of 8 completely new stages. For game speeds similar to the original arcade game, it is suggested using an NTSC model. You can get as digital download for a bargain (name your own price).

22.11.2021 -
Commodore News -
Powering a C64 with a USB Power Bank - new video from 'Jan Beta'
Jan tried to power a Commodore 64 with a USB power bank and here's what happened. (May contain traces of VIC-20, too.)

22.11.2021 -
Commodore News -
'Rock Star Ate My Hamster Millennium' for C64 and Plus/4 released
'Rock Star Ate My Hamster Millennium' is a crack of the same game, with 50 brand new stars at pinnacle of success in the period 2000-2020 to play with (4 of them are courtesy of Chris Graham, as the original graphician of the game), and it has been released both on Commodore 64 and Commodore Plus/4 with no commercial intents as a passionate fanwork, consequently to the fact that previous cracks and homebrew conversions have been tolerated to date.

21.11.2021 -
Commodore News -
New firmware release (211121) for MIST Board available
The MIST board was designed to implement classic 16 bit computers like the Amiga and Atari ST(E) as System-on-a-Chip using modern hardware. But it equally well supports 8 bit systems like the Atari XL, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, C64, Atari VCS, Atari 5200, Colecovision, Apple II, Sega Master System, NES, Odyssey2 and more. New in firmware 211121:- Use hardware-controlled NPCS lines for SPI. - Add mass-storage device support (MiST as USB drive - need mass_storage=1 in mist.ini). - Add Xbox360 controller support (digital parts only, tested with a Retroflag classic USB gamepad)

21.11.2021 -
Commodore News -
Amiga 500 Adventures: Planning our Repair - Episode 113 - new video from '10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast (10MARC)'
This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast Doug is starting a new Mini Series about the Amiga 500, along the same lines as his A2000 Adventures series from a few months back. This machine has some reliability issues, so we are going to get busy getting her all fixed up. In Episode 1 we are introduced to the machine, and to the A500 in general for newbies and make a road map of the repair process.

19.11.2021 -
Commodore News -
'FREEZE64 - Issue 50' - Celebratory issue out now
FREEZE64 magazine has hit the BIG 5-0 and so they feel it’s time to celebrate with you all. There is a whole host of FREEZE64 subscribers, readers and past interviewees looking back at the past 49 issues and sharing their thoughts, love and comments for this famous Commodore 64 ‘zine. Content (excerpt): The making of Firefly with Tony Pomfret, Monstro Giganto mini review. new and exclusive pokes for Soulless 2 - The Armour of Gods, secret squirrel is back with three new case files: Enforcer - Fullmetal Megablaster, Gauntlet 2 (the intro), and James Pond 2 - Robocod, and many more articles...

19.11.2021 -
Commodore News -
'Rogue64' - a modern roguelike for the C64 ready for pre-order
Rogue64 is based on Rogue4k, a minimalistic Rogue-ish game in under 4000 bytes we made for The C64 'Cassette 50' Charity Competition hosted by Bitmap Soft. Every play of the game is a unique experience, with our procedural generated levels. As you progress in the game you will meet tougher monsters and bigger challenges, but if you reach the end, there are wonderful rewards to be gathered!

19.11.2021 -
Commodore News -
Protovision Shop: PLAnkton TED/+4 In Stock Now
Do you have a faulty PLA chip in your Commodore 16 or Plus/4 machine? Then you need the PLAnkton, a highly compatible PLA drop-in replacement chip. The Protovision Shop currently stocks versions compatible for both the Plus/4 and the C16 models.

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