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Tunes from Ray
Ray is not only the Cascade C64 musician (since a long time unactive, though), but also Zeldin's old schoolmate and longtime pal!
They already worked together back in 1986 on diverse C64 projects. Hundreds of C64 tunes were composed by Ray back in these days. The following selection of his tunes, are all made inbetween 1988-1997. Probably I will also release the very old tunes someday and probably there will be some new tunes someday... get your ass up you lazy fish... ;-) The files are in the meanwhile known SID (.sid) format. At the bottom of this page you can read some information about this format.

Information for listening to the .sid files:
Common PC audio players are most probably not able to play .sid files. So you might have to use special players or install a plugin, in case you use the famous WinAmp player. For more information about SID players or plugins, you should visit the chapter "C64/Amiga - Emulators and Tools".

Players/Plugins for playing SID music:
SIDTool V1.3.2
LittleSiD V2.0
SidAMP V1.4b
in_sidplay2 v1.5.4
in_sidplay2 v2.2.2.0
aimp_sidplay v1.2.1
Musics from 1989
Made with Future Composer V4.

"First Impression" and "Horizon" are Ray"s very first FC-Tunes, made 1988/1989

"Living on Video" and "Tainted Love" could be heard in the V-Lucid Music-selectors called "Musicstation" (1990).

"I wanna hold your hand" was used in the demo "Beat-les" (1990 V-Lucid).

"A special Girl" and "Heartstop" was used in the demo "Beat-les" (1991 V-Lucid).

"Unity 1+2" was part of the demo "Unity" (1990 V-Lucid).

"You"re dreaming" and "Living Daylights" supported the demo "No Target" (1991 V-Lucid).

"Project Vision" and "Max Headroom" supported the "Mor-Phun" (1993 V-Lucid) demo.

"A day at Bayside" made its way into the demo "Pandora" (1991 V-Lucid)

"Susanne" is the Future Composer adaption of an old Soundmon music by Ray. Whilst the FC Tune is all in all a bit weaker (IMHO) than the old SM version, it nevertheless appeared in 2008 as topnotch remix called "Susanne (Another Sometime)" on RKO. Big thanx to Ic3m4n for da very tasty cover version!

Musics from 1990
Made with Future Composer V4.

"Everything Counts (e)", "Vision of France", "Always on my Mind", "Another day in Paradise", "Kira"s Tune," "Layla" and "We didn"t start the fire" could be heard in the V-Lucid Music-selectors called "Musicstation" (1990).

"Yesterday", "Michelle" was used in the demo "Beat-les" (1990 V-Lucid).

"LA" entertained in the demo "The Yawn" (1990 V-Lucid).

"Unity 1+2" was part of the demo "Unity" (1990 V-Lucid).

"Olympus 1+3", "Yesterday", "Michelle" was used in the demo "Beat-les" (1991 V-Lucid).

"Reach Out" and "For Michelle" sounded in the demo "No Target" (1991 V-Lucid).

"Project Vision" and "Max Headroom" supported the "Mor-Phun" (1993 V-Lucid) demo.

"Voyage Voyage" was used in the demo "Pandora" (1991 V-Lucid)

"Rap" made its way into the demo "Pandora 2" (1994 V-Lucid)

"Everlasting Love" was used in several V-Lucid cracks or game-releases.

Musics from 1992
Made with Future Composer V4.

The musics "Chroma 1" and "Chroma 2" have been used in the V-Lucid Demo called "Pandora" (1991), whilst the other 3 musics found their way into the "Pandora 2" demo (1994 V-Lucid).

Musics from 1993
Made with Advance Music Programmer (AMP)

The Tunes "Pandora"s Box", "Claire", "Zeldin 1" and "Zeldin 2" have been integrated in the demo called "Pandora 2" (1994 V-Lucid).

Musics from 1996
Made with DMC-Editor

"Secrets" was used in the "Driven Magazine No. 18"
"1st Encounter" and "Parallaxxa" (which was remixed by Zeldin in 1997) made their way into the Cascade demo called "Trip to Nepa(l) 1" (1997).
The musics presented here are in C64 .sid format. In case you are not familiar with this format, here are some explanations from wikipedia:
A .SID file, colloquially known as 'a SID', is a sound data file not only containing the note patterns, but also the 6502 program code - often called a 'player' - needed to replay the music on the SID. All actual sound is produced by the SID chip, or a software emulator that emulates the SID chip. The High Voltage SID Collection contains over 45,000 SID tunes. The SID files have the MIME media type audio/prs.sid.

The SID file format is not a native format used on the Commodore 64 or 128, but a format specifically created for emulator-assisted music players such as PlaySID , Sidplay and JSidplay2. However, there are loaders like RealSIDPlay and converters such as PSID64 that make it possible to play a substantial portion of SID files on original Commodore computers.

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