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This section samples different musics made by various Cascade musicians. The reason why these cool guys don't get seperate chapters is not meant as disrespect, but because 3 or less music files would leave the presentation screen so empty ;-)
The musics presented here are in MOD (.mod) format. At the bottom of this page you can read some information about this format.

Information for listening to the .mod music files:
Some PC audio players are able to play .mod files, so does the actual version of the famous WinAmp. In case you still use an old version of this player, you might be lucky with "Oldsk00l MOD" plugin. For more information about MOD players or plugins, you should visit the chapter "C64/Amiga - Emulators and Tools".

Players/Plugins for playing MOD music:
Oldsk00l MOD Player V0.88
  • Party Pack 41
    File in Future Composer format - You will need the "Oldsk00l" plug-in (look above) for WinAmp to play...








The musics presented here are in Amiga MOD format. In case you are not familiar with this format, here are some explanations from Wikipedia:
MOD is a computer file format used primarily to represent music, and was the first module file format. MOD files use the ".MOD" file extension, except on the Amiga where the original trackers instead use a "mod." prefix scheme, e.g. "mod.echoing". A MOD file contains a set of instruments in the form of samples, a number of patterns indicating how and when the samples are to be played, and a list of what patterns to play in what order.

If you want to read the full article, click here:

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