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Here you'll find Commodore related news - mostly C64 / Amiga - containing notice of actual video and pod cast uploads, announcements of new game and hardware releases, trivia and product info.
05.06.2020 - Commodore Amiga 4000 Trash to Treasure (Pt1) - Meet the A4000 - new video from 'RetroManCave'
Video description by 'RetroManCave': It's time to give some TLC to another old Micro in a Trash to Treasure series and this time I'm lucky enough to have an Amiga 4000. It doesn't look to be in too bad condition but we can still make it a whole lot better and use the opportunity to learn all about it along the way, so join me in a new T2T series. This is the Commodore Amiga 4000.
05.06.2020 - 'The Forever Extending Hungry Snake' - new C64 game for free
This is a brand new fast-paced hi score attack game created on theC64 full size computer, with aid of a collection of Public Domain tools from back in the 1980s-1990's. The game also comes with all of the game data and also source code so you are welcome to explore the project on your computer and try to make better or your own versions of this game. (Providing that if this whole source is used or modified, the game is released for free).
04.06.2020 - 'Demomaker - The Amiga years' - new crowdfunding campaign book
This book describes the history of the best demos made on Amiga as well as the history of the most emblematic and best known groups of the demomaker scene. Discover numerous pictures of demos through more than 450 pages as well as contributions of "sceners". This book is the first volume covering the years 1984 to 1993 with about 90 demos amongst the most famous and popular ones.
02.06.2020 - GTW book pre-orders now open!
Giving an illustrated snapshot of a wide range of unreleased games from 1975 to 2015, 'The Games That Weren’t' book includes titles across a variety of arcade, home computer, console, handheld and mobile platforms spread across 644 pages. Pre-orders the Games That Weren’t book are now open.
02.06.2020 - New update on the ThED project
As you know 'Drygol' from is working on the ThED project - a MOS TED replacement. So far the R+D part is stated to be above 97% and the project is moving to the prototyping phase. But there are lots more info about the ongoing work, so better click on the link above...
01.06.2020 - C64 game 'Storm Chase' released at
'Storm Chase' is a simple quality little dodge 'em game in which you are a fearless storm chaser. It was written as a covered feature for Scene World issue #30. The game has been made as a little programming challenge on theC64 full size, combined with a disk image full of public domain utilities. It can be downloaded for free.
01.06.2020 - Video shows preview of WIP of C64 game 'Space Walkers'
Mark Heslop is currently developing a Commodore 64 retro space shoot-em-sideways game with a few twists, fully written in 6510 assembler. SID support is from Kamil Wolnikowski and graphics from Rob Smith. In this video, Mark shows the latest progress in development.
01.06.2020 - Protovision Shop - Lockdown Special: All downloads discounted!
Are you stuck at home and getting somewhat bored? Then you need C64 games quickly. Protovision brings you the lockdown special: 10% off all downloads - for the whole month of June!
01.06.2020 - Video Toaster Adventures: Setup and Tutorial - Episode 67 of '10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast'
This week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast it's the start on a NewTek Video Toaster Tutorial series. We learn a bit about the Video Toasters history and how to set it up, and play with some fun effects and dabble in Toasterpaint and the Character Generator.
31.05.2020 - 'Knoix' for C64 - Breakout game in under 512 bytes
Created by Thundax/Xenon, who did this very small 505 Bytes version of a very old and common game just for fun, as he stated. The angle of the shot even depends on the spot you hit the ball.
31.05.2020 - Coffee with the devs! - 'Unknown Realm' Questions and Answers
After the overlong awaited 'Unknown Realm: The Siege Perilous', an 8-bit RPG for C64 (and PC), which was financed with a Kickstarter campaign already in December 2016, caused a lot of controversy due to it's delay, the developers Laura and Bruce from 'Stirring Dragon' decided to make a live video Q&A for their backers. And if you are, like I am, you should watch it.
31.05.2020 - C64 Run Length De-coding (RLE) program - new video from 'GRay Defender'
In this video 'GRay Defender' gives a few shout outs, then moves on to demonstrate a simple Run Length Decoding program he developed in anticipation of a new release of CBM Program Studio.
31.05.2020 - Long lost version of 'Joust' for C64 found
As the GTW (Games That Weren't) website reported, the long lost AtariSoft conversion of 'Joust' is found. Yes there is a C64 game called 'Jouste' which was written by Kim McCherry, but this is not the official Atarisoft version (hence the slight name change). Still it was rumoured for many years that there was in fact an Atarisoft 'Joust' for C64, that was canned for reasons unknown. Now this work was tracked down. Read the full story at GTW...
30.05.2020 - New 'Yahtzee' for the Commodore 64 in BASIC V2
This is, as one can guess, an adaption of the well-known dice game with the same name. As the developer stated, he tried to create a product as round as possible with only the core elements necessary but still appealing to play. Be aware, that this doesn't come as downloadable program, but as basic listing in a document (.pdf) to type in.
29.05.2020 - 'Terminus' (SEUCK) - another new game for C64 released today
'Terminus' is a challenging collect 'em up and dodge game made with the Shoot Em Up Construction Kit with. Guide your player around the game screen. Pick up the floppy disks and score as many points where possible and try to reach the end of the game. As a bonus: take pleasure in controlling and watching the wiggly dancing somersaulting protagonist :-)
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