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Here you'll find Commodore related news - mostly C64 / Amiga - containing notice of actual video and pod cast uploads, announcements of new game and hardware releases, trivia and product info.
16.06.2020 - 'Games That Weren't 64' update for June 2020
New update at GTW64. besides that the loading screen of 'Heebie Jeebies' was found, also 8 new entries are added: Crypt of the Dragon, Orpheus in the Underworld, PHM Pegasus – Advanced Battle Disk, Stoo Fotheringham art assets, The Guild C64 conversions, The Magician’s Ball, Zambeezi, Zenulas. Furthermore 11 updates added.
16.06.2020 - WIP Amiga game 'Reshoot Proxima III' - video shows new footage
After many weeks of debugging and optimization, developer Richard Löwenstein is back with creating actual content to the game – adding a rather unique element to the in-game dialogue system, to be precise about it.
16.06.2020 - Amiga Future magazine - Issue 145 available for order
Amiga Future magazine #145 can be ordered right now. Available in german or english language. Interviews: Andre Zeps (Tiny Litzle Slug) - Reviews: Little Princess I, Little Princess II, The Queens Footsteps, Chips, Fred's Journey, Board Games versus Amiga-Version - EYE, RNOXfer, AmigaOS 4 Depot News, Distant Suns, MorphOS Camp, Aminet News, Hollywood Designer 5 - Special: Speedrun: Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's Revenge auf Light, Trevors Soapbox, Action Replay Amiga 500, AmigaOS 3.1.4 Part 6, Demoscene. - Others: News, Letters to the Editor, Editorial, Content, CoverCD Content, Imprint. - Workshops: Replacing the hard disk
16.06.2020 - WIP Amiga game 'Project Horizon' - early demo for download
This game, that is looking like an shooter in the style of 'Alien Syndrome' and similar, was already announced in August 2019. The development is still going on though, and you are able to download and play one demo stage.
16.06.2020 - C64 Black Screen Repair (MT RAM Chips) - new video from 'Jan Beta'
'Jan Beta' is troubleshooting and repairing another black/blank screen Commodore 64 board in this episode.
15.06.2020 - New footage of coming C64 game 'LEAP!'
'LEAP!' is a Bounder tribute made by a one man team for Commodore 64 and 128. It will be hopefully be ready and released in Q4 2020. Enemies in this video are still a placeholder, music needs some work but the lockdown gave the developer the time to make some progress since the last footage.
15.06.2020 - C64 game 'Soccer War' (SEUCK) released
Whenever we think of a soccer game, we think of the typical match between two teams, but what if we turn the idea around? Then we have Soccer War. A game with the objective of surviving on the field to defeat your opponent, for this our weapon will be the ball with which we must eliminate everything that comes at us.
14.06.2020 - New Minimig-AGA Core and Firmware for MIST Board available
Minimig-AGA now with second mouse and mouse wheel support. The MIST board was designed to implement classic 16 bit computers like the Amiga and Atari ST(E) as System-on-a-Chip using modern hardware. But it equally well supports 8 bit systems like the Atari XL, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, C64, Atari VCS, Atari 5200, Colecovision, Apple II, Sega Master System, NES, Odyssey2 and more ...
13.06.2020 - Commodore 64 vs. THEC64 using Diodes & Resistors? Part 2 - new video from 'Retro Recipes'
Second Part in inspecting, what controlling two computers with the same joystick can teach us. This time 'Perifractic' from 'Retro Recipes' delves into the worlds of diodes & resistors as he pits 'THEC64' vs. the C64 again.
13.06.2020 - Yet another 'SpriteEditor' for C64 (x-dev Windows app)
This program helps to design sprites for the Commodore 64. It will generate a header file (.h) aimed for the cc65 compiler. This way you could directly insert this file into your program sources. But by just selecting the produced data you could do anything of course.
13.06.2020 - CharPad (Free Edition) Version 2.7.2 released
CharPad is a graphics data editing tool that facilitates the production of graphics data in a format compatible with the legendary Commodore 64 home computer. The program runs on Windows desktop using .NET technology and allows you to design character sets, tiles, fonts and maps for 2D video games and demos. New in V2.7.2: - Tile naming/tagging features (previously only available in the Pro Edition) - Tile Editor: Cell Selection with selection only ops - Bugfixes etc etc, it's bang up-to-date with everything but pro features.
13.06.2020 - New retro book Kickstarter campaign - 'From Vultures to Vampires'
From David John Pleasance and Trevor Dickinson. Starting from the day when Escom were the highest bidder at Commodore's liquidator’s auction in New York (I was there), how their attempts to relaunch the Amiga spectacularly failed, then the troublesome years when our beloved computer bounced around from company to company, Viscorp, Quickpack, Gateway 2000, etc. and beyond.
13.06.2020 - Amiga 1200 Hard PCB Keyboard Membrane Review - 10 MARC Episode 69
This week in the '10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast (MARC)': Reviewing the new Hard PCB Keyboard Membrane replacement for the Amiga 1200 and Amiga 500. This is a really nice product, and if you have keyboard issues this just may solve them!
12.06.2020 - Making a C64/C65 compatible computer - Fit testing the injection moulded case sample
Another post where the promise is kept, to be short on the words, so that you can just enjoy seeing the MEGA65 hardware become a reality: This time we have the components all being put together to make sure that everything fits. With a lot of photos, that are hot off the press...
11.06.2020 - Amiga 4000 - 'Damn you Mehdi Ali' and PSU Repairs - Trash to Treasure (Pt2) - new video from 'RetroManCave'
Resume of the T2T series by diving further into the history of the Commodore Amiga 4000 with the help of David Pleasance, former MD of Commodore UK, and turn the eye to the PSU to ensure the Amiga in work is fit and healthy for years to come.
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