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18.10.2019 - IntroBase64 V04 released
A new version of IntroBase64 is available. New in version 4:
500 new intros were added to the collection: The total number of entries is now 10500 - More emulators are supported (including new versions of WinVICE and Hoxs64) - Improved GEMUS scripts: New options to set default emulator behaviour. Press F2 in the frontend to set your preferences.
18.10.2019 - GadgetUK164 - A2000
GadgetUK164 has made a video about repairing an Amiga 2000. This time the problems were the video, the Zorro and instability.
18.10.2019 - Martin Webb - OutRun
On the web page Eurogamer you can read an interview with Martin Webb. Martin converted the arcade game OutRun to the Commodore C64 when he was only 17 years old.
18.10.2019 - Amigos podcast - Wormtris & Megaball
A new episode of the Amigos podcast is now available. In this episode: Wormtris & Megaball.
18.10.2019 - Hoxs64 v1.0.23.2
David Horrocks released a new version of his Hoxs64 emulator. The latest changes are: Improvements for the joystick and the aspect ratio.
18.10.2019 - BitJam #221
In this BitJam: Triace - Back To Basics 6, Sleipner - One Minus 5, Curt Cool - Due Diligence, Mygg - Keith Part II, Romeo Knight - No Jobs In Space, Dr. Awesome - Get The Funk, Pink - Hyperlucky, D-Vibe - The End Of Time, Clawz - We Were, Booster - Heine G-Force, Marvin - Chapter7, Wasp - Time Indifference, Heatbeat - Sainahi Crircles Short, Muffler - Signals, Teo - TEOBSTRROFARFEIA and Pink - Plastic Dove. Total playing time: 54:21.
18.10.2019 - Propaganda List 2019/3
A new edition of the Propaganda List is now available in the Commodore Scene Database.
18.10.2019 - It Came from the Grave - VIC20
It Came from the Grave is a game for the Commodore VIC20, that is developed by Jeffrey Daniels. The game is made in BASIC.
18.10.2019 - LOAD #05
LOAD is a German pdf magazine for retro computer users. In this edition: CBM700, Enterprice 128, Spectre GCR, Atari ST, Apple 1, PDP-11, Acorn, Amiga Transformer, PDP-8, FPGASID, Gotek, Stephan Kraus, VzEkC e.V. and Classic Computing 2018.
18.10.2019 - AmigaVibes podcast - Quinzomania
The AmigaVibes team made another mix of Amiga music: Raging Fire (1993) - Dreamdealers, Balls (1988) - Mega Force, Atmosphere (1997) - Frame 18, DogTro (1994) - Darkness, Lethal Dose 2 (1994) - Faculty, Showtime # 1 diskmag Intro (1996) - Ram Jam and Top Karaoke # 1 Inspector Gadget (1995) - Saturn.
18.10.2019 - 1541 Trackdisplay
On the web page World of Jani you can see how to add a track and sector display to your 1541 disk drive. This display is a DIY project and is developed by Gero Ihde.
11.10.2019 - Retrohax - A500 Vampiric
Retrohax has written a blog about repairing a very dirty and rusty Amiga 500.
11.10.2019 - DAM SID remix
DAM SID remixDAM makes remixes of SID music. You can listen to his latest remix on SoundCloud: Digi Sid (1:08:13).
11.10.2019 - FM-YAM - C64
FM-YAM is a new Sound Expander compatible cartridge for the Commodore C64. Features: YM3812 (or YM3526), Audio-in and a 3D printed case. You can now pre-order from a new production of 100 pieces.
11.10.2019 - FelcsĂșt Tycoon - Plus/4
FelcsĂșt Tycoon is a new game for the Commodore Plus/4 made by RoePipi. In the game you are managing trains, tracks and routes around FelcsĂșt in Hungary.
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