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24.01.2023 - Amiga related stuff
Amiga Emulator/Tool "WinUAE 4.10.1" listed in category "Amiga - Emulators and Tools" was recently submitted or revised.

02.01.2023 - C64 related stuff
Cascade C64 Demo "Worming up" listed in category "Scenography - C64 Demos" was recently submitted or revised.

01.01.2023 - C64 related stuff
C64 Emulator/Tool "Vice Emulator V3.7.1" listed in category "C64 - Emulators and Tools" was recently submitted or revised.

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Commodore News
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20.03.2023 -
Commodore News -
C64 game 'GP Cars' released
'GP Cars' is a top down racer in the style of 'Hot Rod', which was in the making for about 20 years and was now released at the Forever 23 C64 demo party. It offers 5 different tracks with increasing difficulty, nice graphics and musics and even speech samples. The game is available as digital download fro free.

19.03.2023 -
Commodore News -
'Rick Dangerous' enhanced version for A1200 and CD32 released
The port of 'Rick Dangerous' for Amiga 1200 or Amiga CD32 console with 1Mo FastRam, which was announced last year is finally out and available as digital download for a bargain (name your own price). The game was entirely developed with Scorpion Engine. It contains the follow features: - All graphics remastered by Domkid (from Wii Version). - brand new title screen (2018 Original illustration by Simon Phipps). - Music Module by Dom.. Now there is a Beta version for download offering: - level South America : almost done. - level Egypt : WIP 70%. - level Schwarzendumpf Castle : Ripping map and sprite 50%. - level Missile Base : 0%

19.03.2023 -
Commodore News -
Re-imagining Tiki (from New Zealand Story) on the C64 - Preview 1
This video shows the first preview of a re-imagining of the Tiki character from The New Zealand Story in a brand new C64 game being developed by Robert Wilson. This game which remains untitled at this point, will feature the Tiki character from the game The New Zealand Story, which was redesigned to make him as close to the Arcade version as possible given the limitations of the C64.

18.03.2023 -
Commodore News -
Create your own library of c64 cartridges with this Versa64Cart single or mult-cart solution! - video from Retro Hack Shack
It really is easy to create your own c64 multi-cart with the versa64cart from bwack!

17.03.2023 -
Commodore News -
'Games That Weren't 64' (GTW64) - ‘La Venganza del Toro’ C64 recovery
A new recovery at GTW64 - an unfinished and early bullfighting game for the C64 called ‘La Venganza del Toro’. Contributor Retroboy got in touch in early March after buying a collection of C64 tapes from Spain. One of them contained several files, and the most complete of all was an 18 block file called 'La Venganza del Toro'. Mostly BASIC code with some machine code routines, there is no sound, no score, credits or any details - so it seems to be a work in progress, or potentially just a title that was being done for fun. Still you can simply move the bull around on the screen and run into five standing toreros, who then appear in the sky.

17.03.2023 -
Commodore News -
New at - 'PiStorm32 Lite Amiga 1200'
For Amiga 1200. PiStorm32 Lite is an adapter which uses a Raspberry Pi to provide a CPU accelerator, RTG graphics card, hard disk interface and others enhancements. Raspberry Pi 3A+ and a pre-configured SD card are available as option. It includes a thermal pad, 3 screws, 3 spacers, and a protection cover.

14.03.2023 -
Commodore News -
Plus/4 game 'Sumplete' released
'Sumplete' is a Sudoku like math puzzle. Delete numbers so each row/column adds up to the target number at the right/bottom. The game is free for download.

13.03.2023 -
Commodore News -
'Supercars 2' for Amiga AGA machines released
Supercars 2 AGA by JOTD is a reboot of Supercars 2 by Magnetic Fields / Gremlin for A1200/A4000 computers using AGA graphics. You can get the game as digital download for a bargain (name your own price). It features: - 256 color screens from Supercars 3 international. - colored enemy cars instead of gray ones (128 colors displayed on screen). - based on original Shaun Southern source code. - optional in-game music (choice between sfx only, J.M.D tunes, Lotus tunes). - joypad controls. - runs on a 2MB chip vanilla A1200 in DOS mode with a hard disk. - workable NTSC screen layout (whdload only). - 100% same Supercars 2 gameplay. - runs on unexpanded A1200 and CD32 machines

13.03.2023 -
Commodore News -
Update for 'ZK64' available
'ZK64' is a pixel exact emulation of the Commodore 128,Commodore 64, VIC 20, ZX Spectrum 48/128K and Atari 2600. 'Z64K' should run on any platform with an updated java runtime environment installed. Latest updates (v2): - "Randomize" c64 and c128 default color RAM. Sample taken from the uninitialized color RAM block 0on a real C128 at powerup. - Include monitor help text for io command. (text stolen from VICE) :). - Improved CRT performance and emulation.

12.03.2023 -
Commodore News -
C64 game 'Dagon's Awakening (Community Edition)' released and free for download
The action adventure/RPG Dagon's Awakening by Vintage Computing Carinthia was recently released as Community Edition at the Vintage Computing Carinthia $1F. This version features several improvements over the cartridge version and has the story and the game contents changed so that the game is self-contained, while the cartridge version requires a physical postcard item to play the game properly.

12.03.2023 -
Commodore News -
C64 game 'Tritopia' - V1.1 releaased and free for download
The action adventure Tritopia V1.1 by Vintage Computing Carinthia was recently released at the Vintage Computing Carinthia $1F. This latest update to the game includes new music from renowned musician Emu. The new sound will add a unique flavor to the game and is sure to make it even more enjoyable. In addition, we've also straightened out some of the problems with the story. We've made adjustments to the dialogue, so that it flows more naturally, and improved the pacing of the game. This should make the story even more immersive and engaging

11.03.2023 -
Commodore News -
Multi platform adventure game 'Memory Lane' released and free for download
This game is a story-based text adventure made with Ozmoo, where you can explore the town and discover mysterious places. Collect multiple items and interact with other citizens. There's just one hook... they no longer seem to remember you. Supported Systems: C64, C128, Plus/4, C16,VIC-20, PET, MEGA65, Amiga and several other non-Commodore 8-Bit systems.

10.03.2023 -
Commodore News -
New footage for WIP Amiga game 'Super Metal Hero' - The Krogz Mech mini boss
Again more footage of the early prototype demo of the neoretro game 'Super Metal Hero'.

10.03.2023 -
Commodore News -
Alpha release of the C64 fighting game 'SNK vs CAPCOM' available
There is a new release of the eagerly awaited C64 fighting game SNK vs CAPCOM available for download. The game meanwhile has reached alpha status. Current changes include the following: musics for stages, guard breakers and reversal moves, stage selection in versus mode and complete character storylines with intermission and ending animations.

10.03.2023 -
Commodore News -
C64 Round Up: March 2023 - New Games and Flashback! - video from 'Commodore Computer Museum'
The March 2023 edition of the RGN Commodore 64 (C64) Round Up featuring the latest game releases, pixel art, demo and add-on items.

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Site Blog
...from time to time, some thoughts need to get out...
Farewell Patrick!
Author: Zeldin - written on 31.12.2014

Farewell Patrick!Axis/Cascade is no more. We are all still shaken by the unexpected death of our friend and group mate Patrick aka Axis/Cascade. We wanted to express our sorrow, so I coded a little intro, which you can find in the C64 demo section of this page. The following text is a rough excerpt taken from the scroller:

Dear Patrick, may this be the condolence from the the group that was co-founded by you long time ago. We want to give you our last salute. I (Zeldin) know how much you were breathing the spirit of the scene. That's why I thought a goodbye demo would have made you happy. You and me exchanged lots of mails about how much we both enjoyed the good ol' days and of course: how much we miss them... It was this tie that emotionally connected us for over 15 years. Thanks for all your help in supporting the group and your indefatigable endeavour in spreading our name. Your tattoos were legendary! Thanks for your work on fb and youtube. Your channels were appreciated by a lot of people. Thanks for being such a good chap. You'll be sorely missed!!!

Mach's gut, Patrick... den Adler im Herzen, sge4ever!
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