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14.05.2022 - And another preview video of 'Devil's Temple' for Amiga
Devil's Temple for Amiga - YouTube screenshot'Devils Temple' is a remastered remake of 'Kung Fu Master' for Amiga (OCS). Set in 1987 you'll fight your way to the Devil's Temple to rescue Lena who's been taken and held hostage by X in revenge for his defeat to your father 3 years ago. The video shows Levels 1-6, played in a debug build. The game is still in development and there are plenty of annoying bugs still to fix, as the developer states.
13.05.2022 - THEA500 Mini firmware update 1.1.1 available
THEA500 Mini firmware update 1.1.1 availableThis Firmware update for THEA500 Mini provides new features and correct issues. Features introduced in version 1.1.1: - Adds ADF (floppy) file support. - Adds Playlist support. - Adds Hot-Crop. - Adds Keyboard control of the user interface. - Allows the Virtual Keyboard to be accessed at all times. - Allows controllers to be physically swapped during play. - Swaps THEJoystick (THEC64 Joystick) fire buttons. - Fixes the Virtual Keyboard Cursor-Right button. - Fixes v1.1.0 Saved Game issues (missing saves and UI freezing). - Fixes v1.1.0 Emulator gui access. - Fixes v1.1.0 speed reduction in some circumstances
13.05.2022 - Demo version for WIP Amiga game 'Farmiga' released
Farmiga (Amiga)This new 'work in progress' Amiga game (very early version) is a simulator of a farm and you can get the demo version as digital download. There are some restrictions at this point of development, though like polish language and you can only plant or pick vegetables. But you can already harvest corn to feed the cow, so it gives milk and you can harvest wheat for the hen, so it gives you eggs.
11.05.2022 - 'Flood' - game for C16 and VIC-20 released
Flood'Flood' is a game for the C16 and additionally for the VIC-20 (download here). Pick the prizes scattered around the map before the flood drowns you. Each level corresponds to a different scenario. You have to collect all the prizes to move on to the next level. There's 8 levels. If you manage to complete them all, you get your score, and the game ends. It's either joystick or keyboard. Press F1 to pause the game. For the VIC-20 the keys are QAOP for directions and SPC to shoot. Press F3 to turn on/off the music. There's music on levels 1, 3 and 5. For the C16, use cursor keys for directions and SPC to shoot.
11.05.2022 - Amiga game 'Dungeoneer Turbo' released
Dungeoneer Turbo (Amiga)Ever wanted to play a dungeon crawling action-adventure game similar to Gauntlet, but like really fast (well at least in theory). Well you can here with Dungeoneer Turbo! This is a game made for Retro Platform Jam #4 and was created in about three weeks by yours truly. Runs on any Amiga with 1mb of ram (at least 512k of chip ram + whatever else), should need a joystick. Also works great in Win-UAE. Definitely benefits from faster 68020 and 030 Amigas, doesn't entirely live up to its name on 7 mhz machines (though that is the original intended target). You can get the game as digital download for a bargain (name your own price).
11.05.2022 - Demo version for Amiga game 'Jump!' available
Jump!'Jump!' is a port of the famous Atari 8-bit 3D arcade game 'Yoomp!' for Amiga (AGA). The creator Kefir_Union has said there are a number of differences compared to the Atari version of Yoomp. The work is coming to an end. The engine, music and game logic are finished. The graphics, gameplay and level maps are being polished. And now you can even download a demo version.
10.05.2022 - ZX Spectrum 128k core ported to the 'Turbo Chameleon 64'
Turbo Chameleon 64A port of the MiST ZX Spectrum 128k core for the Turbo Chameleon 64 cartridge was just released. Turbo Chameleon 64 is an extremely user-friendly multipurpose C64 cartridge that can be used without opening the computer. The MiST ZX Spectrum 128k core is an experimental core, and while the developer will do his utmost to make sure it works for everyone and will try to help solve any problems that arise, you run this core entirely at your own risk.
09.05.2022 - c64 April 2022 Coding Challenge - Shallan50k - video from 'GRay Defender'
Video by GRay Defender - YouTube screenshotIn this video 'GRay Defender' covers the April 2022 Coding Challenge put on by Shallan50K on Twitch. In the challenge, coders have to decode base64 strings efficiently as possible.
09.05.2022 - Amiga game creator 'Redpill' V0.9.9 released
Redpill (Amiga)List of changes in 0.9.9: - Loading animation is now displayed during game loadings. - F5-F10 Keys can be used as a shortcut for Play, Spritesheets, Animations, Objects, Tiles and Levels screens. - Animation screen now shows animation frame shortcuts. - Sounds are now also packed using Imploder. - Editor now checks the project version before loading it, prompting for confirmation. - In Game setup screen the game name and author can be setup, they will be displayed when loading the WHDLoad. - When building the project all images are processed for safety and maybe even speed increase. - New condition trigger to check if the game is running in an AGA machine. - New trigger Instantiate Attached allows to Instantiate an object already attached to the creator. - New triggers Custom to Var to set up global variables with Object custom variables. - Additional checks for tileset loading. - In Animation screen the name of the mirrored animation is now displayed. - Improved UI in level editor screen. - Improved UI in triggers screen. - Projects updated, some improvements in Astro and Gravity games. - Fixed memory corruption problems in certain situations. - Fix in tileset shortcuts. - Fix in Mutate trigger. - Fix in Input screen. - Fixes in palette handling.
08.05.2022 - Plus/4 game 'Wordle' released
WordleAnd another try on the the well known web-based Wordle word game developed by Josh Wardle for Plus/4. Originally coded by Spiro Harvey for C64. Based on the v1.3 version. Press F1 at the game over screen to display the "share mode". Un-REM lines 60 and 62 to display the "data loading" screen.
06.05.2022 - C64 Round Up: May 2022 - New Releases! - new video from 'RetroGamerNation'
Video by RetroGamerNation - YouTube screenshotThe May 2022 edition of the RGN Commodore 64 (C64) Round Up featuring the latest game releases, pixel art, demo and add-on items.
06.05.2022 - More footage of WIP C64 game 'Happy Go Blocky'
Happy Go Blocky (C64) - YouTube screenshot'Happy Go Blocky' is an experimental C64 game using Multicolor FLI Overlace graphics. The developer ran into some demotivating multiplexer issues when he started back in 2018, but now they're finally starting to get solved and the development is progressing again. Now bigger enemies are enabled. These new ones take 3 sprites per rasterline, so there can be up to two of them on the same y-pos.
06.05.2022 - Amiga game 'Duckstroma' demo version released
Duckstroma (Amiga)'Duckstroma' is a Jump'n'Run for Amiga, MSX, ZX Spectrum and NES. Meet Aura, she's a delivery duck and about to have a life changing day on the job. A client has requested 8 disks be delivered to them, but this won't be an easy task. Using Aura's skills navigate the hostile environment by bouncing on weak foes, even lay an egg to reach higher spots. Amiga version was created with Scorpion Engine by Erik Hogan and requires 1MB of RAM. You can get the a demo version of the game as digital download for a bargain (name your own price).
05.05.2022 - Exploring Amiga Light Gun Games with the Trojan Phazer - new video from 'RMC'
Video by RMC - YouTube screenshotCommodore Amiga light guns are not something being fondly remembered, or at all, but they obviously existed and Neil from 'RMC' would like to get up to speed on them thanks to the arrival of a Trojan Phazer. Join him today as we try out almost every game available for this and other lightguns on the platform.
05.05.2022 - Teaser for Amiga game 'CyberPunks 2' uploaded
CyberPunks 2 (Amiga) - YouTube screenshot'CyberPunks 2' is a Genre: Run & Gun Shooter for Amiga AGA & CD32 by Mutation Software, which was already announced last year. Now this promo video was uploaded to overcome the time, when the game will be finally released (E.T.A. Q4 2023).
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