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25.05.2023 - 'Galaxian500' beta - Video preview of 'Galaxian' port for Amiga
Galaxian500 - YouTube screenshotGalaxian transcode port for OCS Amigas. Still glitches and bugs, missing sounds, but gameplay is pretty much 100%.
24.05.2023 - Games That Weren't looks at Total Recall V1 on the Commodore 64
Games That Weren't looks at Total Recall V1 on the Commodore 64 - YouTube screenshotAfter the recent recovery of Total Recall V1 on the Commodore 64, Games That Weren't shares the full story about how the search began for the game, and how we ended up with its recovery some 23 years later (33 years after it was cancelled!). Frank Gasking then introduces coverage of the preview, talking through some of the game play features and differences with the Zzap!64 preview screens that you may not have noticed.
23.05.2023 - Amiga port of 'Flying Shark' - Level 5 video preview
Flying Shark - YouTube screenshotThis video shows V1.8 of the WIP port of the arcade 'Flying Shark', which is currently under construction. If you want, you can download a demo version of the game here (see video description), though without shown level 5 of the video.
22.05.2023 - GTW64: Total Recall V1 for C64 found!
GTW64: Total Recall V1 for C64 found!Lost for 33 years, we are pleased to announce the recovery of the original abandoned development of Total Recall for the Commodore 64! So happy to finally see those old Zzap!64 screens in motion after years of searching! Read the full story and also find a download by clicking the link above.
21.05.2023 - One-Line Bouncing Ball: Commodore 64 BASIC - video from '8-Bit Show And Tell'
Video by 8-Bit Show And Tell - YouTube screenshotBesides the famous 10 PRINT, one of my favourite type-in programs from the Commodore 64 User's Guide is "More Bouncing Balls" in which a ball bounces off the borders of the screen. Inspired by Josip Retro Bits' 2-line version of this program, Robin attempts to squeeze it down to one line, with some other diversions along the way.
21.05.2023 - Amiga PiStorm32 Lite - New AGA Speedup - Does it help? - video from '10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast'
Video by 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast - YouTube screenshotThis week on 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast (10MARC) Doug is looking at the latest update for the PiStorm32 Lite board that speeds up AGA Chipset and CHIP RAM access - but does it help?
20.05.2023 - What makes the Commander X16 so great? - video from 'Adrian's Digital Basement'
Video by Adrian's Digital Basement - YouTube screenshotThe Commander X16 is a "modern" retro computer which promises to finally realize David Murray's goal of being the upgrade to the Commodore 64 that everyone wanted. Let's take a deep-dive look at it and see what makes it tick, and see if it's any good.
20.05.2023 - 5 Obscure Games You've Never Heard of - video from 'Commodore Computer Museum'
Video by ve Never Heard of - video from  - YouTube screenshot5 Obscure Commodore 64 Games You've Never Heard of, that you must play this weekend! Do you want to play something different on your Commodore 64 this weekend, here are my choices of games you've probably never heard of but are well worth playing!
20.05.2023 - Amiga game 'Forest of Illusion' in the making
Forest of Illusion (Amiga) - YouTube screenshotThere is a video showing a preview of 'Forest of Illusion' on Amiga, made with Scorpion Engine. It's work in progress and rated as Beta 0.01 by the developer, but it already looks great.
19.05.2023 - CyberPunks 2 (Commodore Amiga) - video from 'RetroGamerNation'
Video by RetroGamerNation - YouTube screenshotGame review of CyberPunks 2 - Next Generation by Mutation Software.
19.05.2023 - Deathflood : Dungeon of Doom (Commodore 64) Review- video from 'BastichB 64K'
Video by BastichB 64K - YouTube screenshotReview for the newly released (May 2023) Commodore 64 Platform/Action game Deathflood by Windigo.
19.05.2023 - Amiga game 'Poker Nights: Tropical Heat' released
Poker Nights: Tropical Heat (Amiga)This is the 2nd release in the VTO - Poker Nights series for the Amiga. The Strip Poker game was originally published by VTO (Verlag Teresa Orlowski) in 1993 for PC only. In "Tropical Heat" you will play against 3 new VTO stars and you can get it as digital download for a bargain (name your own price). The game features: - 3 new opponents with different skill level. - more than 75 pictures in HAM6 format. - animated strip sequences. - playable from harddisk. - new title screen & logo. - new icons with 8, 64 or 128 colours. - 2 different languages (English/German). - Tooltype Trainer-option (Custom5). - Quitkey (F10)
18.05.2023 - Amiga game 'Skinvaders' released
Skinvaders (Amiga)'Skinvaders' is an Invader clone for Amiga made with AMOS (free source code included), that uses up to 6 different skins for gameplay. You can get it as digital download for a bargain (name your own price).
18.05.2023 - Videos showing previews of 'Temptations' port for Amiga CD32
Temptations - YouTube screenshot'Temptations' is a platform game originally made for MSX by Topo Soft in 1989. Now developer S0Y, who is working on a CD32 port by using Redpill, has released two preview videos showing level 3 and level 4. Besides there is a demo version available, which you can download and play.
17.05.2023 - Amiga Tank Mouse Repair - video from 'Jan Beta'
Video by Jan Beta - YouTube screenshotJan is fixing the early model tank mouse that came with the revision 3 Amiga 500 he has been working on in previous episodes.
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