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Here you'll find Commodore related news - mostly C64 / Amiga - containing notice of actual video and pod cast uploads, announcements of new game and hardware releases, trivia and product info.
12.10.2020 - New Space Invaders clone 'Alien Storm' for C64 and VIC-20
'Alien Storm' is an arcade game for Commodore C64, Commodore VIC-20 (with expansion memory installed), Commodore PLUS/4, Commodore C=128 and Atari written in a short time thanks to the primitives made available by the "midres" library. More info and downloads here.
12.10.2020 - New C64 game 'Survival Messenger Adventure' released
You are stranded on an unknown island and you find a mobile phone where strangers, who are more or less attentive, give you advice via instant chat. The game is an interactive fiction integrating more than 50 hand-pixeled graphics and game music matching the scenery. It comes with a fastloader supporting 1541, Ultimate, and SD2IEC. The game is non-linear and you can end your time on the island using six different solutions.
11.10.2020 - New Firmware for MIST Board available
The MIST board was designed to implement classic 16 bit computers like the Amiga and Atari ST(E) as System-on-a-Chip using modern hardware. But it equally well supports 8 bit systems like the Atari XL, ZX81, ZX Spectrum, C64, Atari VCS, Atari 5200, Colecovision, Apple II, Sega Master System, NES, Odyssey2 and more ...
11.10.2020 - Commodore 264 Series Unboxing - C16/Plus4 Games and Machines - Video by 'Bread Box Commodore Computer Museum'
Some boxes of Commodore 264 series machines and games (lots of games!) turned up today so join YouTuber from 'Bread Box Commodore Computer Museum' and lets see what's in the boxes. :)
10.10.2020 - C128 game 'Volley For Two' released
After it was announced some days ago, 'Volley For Two' is now released. It's an action packed physics based volleyball game for two players. It is inspired by the old DOS game Arcade Volleyball from 1987. The game was developed during 15 months in 2019-2020. Two human players play one-on-one against each other in volleyball with mostly standard rules.
09.10.2020 - Making a C64/C65 compatible computer - MEGAphone r2 Hardware Bringup
"After completing the first milestone of our NLnet Foundation grant for advancing the MEGAphone into something that others can easily replicate and develop for, its time to attack the next milestone, which is all about completing the testing of our R2 PCB. The following (rather long) blog post covers the testing of all the components and sub-systems on the MEGAphone R2 PCB, and identifies the changes that should be made for the R3 PCB. This completes Milestone 2, as well as part of the work required for Milestone 3."
08.10.2020 - Games That Weren't 64' update for October 2020
New update at GTW64, namely 5 new entries: Ms. Pac Man V1, Mutant Nerds, New Gods, Wingman, Wonder Woman. Plus 18 updates added: 2400 A.D., All Terrain Gardener, Bee 52, Bleep Boy, Block Game, Blockman, Bobby Bounce Back, Bomb, Cargo, Cave Wizard, Cavefighter, Jetpac, Katakis, Murder!, Night Hunter, Race Drivin’, The Game With No Name, Zzap Italia homebrew
08.10.2020 - Dust Covers back in stock at the Protovision Shop
Protect your favourite Commodore machines from dust and spills with one of these great looking transparent dust covers. Back in stock are covers for the C64C, C64 breadbin and C128D Keyboard models. Order yours quick before they sell out again!
08.10.2020 - Protovision Shop: More Kerberos Units Coming Soon – preorder now!
Did you miss out on ordering a Kerberos unit the previous weekend? Told you that they would sell out quick. But not to worry as we have placed a larger order with the Supplier and you can place your pre-order for this great MIDI and file transfer interface cartridge. We expect to have them available for shipping before the end of this year.
07.10.2020 - A C64 datasette alternative, Lumafix test, Mac robot, and a yoyo for a Powerbook G3 - new video from 'Adrian's Digital Basement'
It's time for Adrian's Mid-Week Mini Mail Call #19! This week we have a random and interesting assortment of stuff.
06.10.2020 - 'Vegetables Deluxe' is coming to the Commodore VIC-20
Good news for the Commodore VIC 20 owners, Vegetables Deluxe will soon be available! After he created this challenging match-3 game for the Commodore 64, Mike Richmond ported his own game to the Amiga. In the meantime, Nick from Arlasoft worked on an amazing VIC-20 version of the game, that will require a 16k ram expansion. It will be available on tape and digital download from Double Sided Games!
06.10.2020 - 'Infinite Space' - a new SHMUP for C64
'Infinite Space' is a classic arcade space shoot ‘em up written in 6502 assembler for the Commodore 64. Last as long as you can against the invading hordes arriving from deep space. You can play it in the browser or download the .prg or .d64 to use with a real or emulated C64.
06.10.2020 - New C64 game 'Loopin' released
For some weird reason, as if decided by a million indies, one or more trolleys are stuck in a loop. To break out you need to manually switch crossings. Collect a crystal on every spawn spot to advance to the next stage. 'Loopin' can be purchased for bargain as digital version (.d64/.prg).
05.10.2020 - 'Volley For Two' - new C128 game announced
'Volley For Two' is a brand new upcoming game for the Commodore 128! It is an action packed physics based volleyball game for two players. It is inspired by the old DOS game Arcade Volleyball from 1987. 'Volley For Two' is currently in final testing and is scheduled to be released the 10th of October 2020.
05.10.2020 - Making a C64/C65 compatible computer - Pulling out the big guns for improving compatibility with HDMI monitors
The MEGA65 has digital video output that is intended to be as compatible with HDMI standard as possible. But we have been battling problems with compatibility for a while. We eventually gave up a few weeks ago, and an HDMI Protocol Analyser was ordered...
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