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Here you'll find Commodore news - mostly related to C64 / Amiga - containing notice of actual video and pod cast uploads, announcements of new games and hardware releases, trivia and product info. There is also a RSS feed available!

19.07.2021 - Plus4 port of text adventure 'Craverly Heights' released
Craverly Heights - Commodore News -'Craverly Heights' was originally created by Ryan Veeder in 2014-03-18 on several IF languages. Plus/4 version (amid other home computers) was converted by Johan Berntsson and runs with Z-machine interpreter Ozmoo.
18.07.2021 - Tech demos of WIP Amiga game 'Svlcvss' available
Svlcvss - Commodore News -'Svlcvss' id based on the famous "stardust" tunel technique but some of the demos made, takes it to the next levels. Source codes are included in the download, which you can get at (name your own price).
18.07.2021 - New footage for 'Jump' - the Yoomp port for Amiga
Jump - Commodore News -'Jump!' is a port of the famous Atari 8-bit game 'Yoomp!'. The creator Kefir_Union has said there are a number of differences compared to the Atari version of Yoomp. As in Jump! there are 16 tiles on an axis gamefield, there are 10 deep tiles that are visible instead of 4 for better planning of moment, newely added special orange bonus fields, which change game for collecting points, and finally there are more special fields which may cause other fields to dissapear.
18.07.2021 - New at - 'PiStorm'
PiStorm - Commodore News - cascade64.deFor Amiga 500, Amiga 500+, and Amiga 2000. PiStorm is an adapter which uses a Raspberry Pi to provide a CPU accelerator, RTG graphics card, hard disk interface, Wifi, and others enhancements. CPU relocator, Raspberry Pi 3A+, and a pre-configured SD card are available as option. If you want to add 512 or 1MB of CHIP RAM, please check our Trapdoor Memory Expansions for Amiga 500 and Amiga 500 Plus.
17.07.2021 - C64 shooter 'Plekthora' released
Plekthora - Commodore News -'Plekthora' is a classic horizontal space themed shooter for C64. It features three different and upgradable weapons, couch coop and 20 levels of simple shooting pleasure. Get it as digital download for a bargain (name your own price).
17.07.2021 - New C64 game 'JuhannusOlumppialaiset' released as free download
JuhannusOlumppialaiset - Commodore News -'JuhannusOlumppialaiset' id port of 2017 NES game. And you can get it as digital download for free. Content: The four Finland’s toughest midsummer celebrants are competing each other in the most ultimate triathlon like never before! Their mental and physical skills are put to a real test as they hoard alcohol for guzzling and try to stay alive. Which one of them is the one this year, who manages stay in balance and remain above the surface until the end?
17.07.2021 - The yellowest C128 is transformed! - new video from 'Adrian's Digital Basement'
Adrian - Commodore News - cascade64.deBack in 2019 Adrian made a video about the yellowest C128. It had been exposed to something (sunlight?) which turned the plastic an almost orange color. Well, the machine is no longer the yellowest C128 -- and is instead the coolest C128 ever. A real showpiece!
16.07.2021 - Protovision Shop: 'FM-YAM' in stock now!
FM-YAM - Commodore News - cascade64.deThe FM-YAM Sound Expander clone can reproduce 12 voices on your C64. Protovision has taken stock of a new batch of this fabulous cartridge. You can secure a unit by placing your order via the Protovision Shop right now!
16.07.2021 - New C16/Plus4 game 'Nu, Pogodi!' released
Nu, Pogodi! - Commodore News -'Nu, Pogodi!' is an implementation of a LCD game from the Soviet Union with the same name. Instead of the actual cyrillic title, phonetic latin characters are used. The original LCD game's internal workings are not documented anywhere, but every effort has been taken to make this version as close to the original as possible. (Most other clones we've seen are inaccurate.) This version has been adjusted so that the game speed is accurate even on NTSC machines.
16.07.2021 - C64 Round Up: July 2021 featuring Miner 2019er and GenAssister - video by 'RetroGamerNation'
RetroGamerNation - Commodore News - cascade64.deThe July 2021 edition of the RGN Commodore 64 (C64) Round Up featuring the latest game releases, pixel art, demo and add-on items.
16.07.2021 - Fake Chips and Modern C64 Board Fix - new video from 'Noel's Retro Lab'
Noel - Commodore News - cascade64.deLet's fix those last strange errors on the modern Commodore 64 replica board. They look innocent enough, but they hide something subtle and malicious. As we unravel the mystery, we'll deal with mains voltage frequencies, logic trigger levels, and fake Chinese chips again. But this time the scam seems a bit different.
16.07.2021 - Amiga game 'Bean Versus The Animator' released
Bean Versus The Animator - Commodore News -'Bean Versus The Animator' is a brand new old style arcade shooter for OCS / ECS or AGA Amiga. Get ready for the Summer Blockbuster of 2021! Features: - 6 Frantic Levels, - 6 Big Boss Fights, - 12 Weapons, - 2 Player Simultaneous Action, - 32 Colours, -8 Bit SFX and Music, - Movie style Intro and Outro, - Lightgun or Mouse Controls. Get it as digital download for a bargain.
15.07.2021 - Protovision Shop: 'Dust covers for your C128'!
Dust covers for your C128 - Commodore News - cascade64.deIf you have a C128 then it’s probably one of your most prized possessions in your retro collection. Make sure you protect your precious hardware with our great dust cover – now available for both the C128 and C128D machines.
15.07.2021 - Amiga AGA game 'Follix' released
Follix - Commodore News - cascade64.deFollix is a puzzle game heavily inspired by Atomix, a game from 1990 where the player had to build chemical molecules by connecting correctly the atoms they were made of. Using similar mechanics, in each of its 30 levels, Follix challenges the player to build a piece of a message by sliding in the correct places the tiles that contain the relevant text characters. Get it as digital download for a bargain (name your own price).
14.07.2021 - More footage of WIP 'Super Cars 2' (Beta v0.85) for Amiga (AGA)
Super Cars 2 - Commodore News - cascade64.deThis is the original Super Cars 2 Source Code rebuilt & adapted to AGA screens ripped from Supercars International (a 1996 DOS game) by jotd.
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