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17.01.2023 - 'RetroMagazine World #17' - December 2022 issue released
RetroMagazine World #17Retromagazine World is an Italian/English retro computer magazine that is made by enthusiasts. And the best thing: it's free for download! This issue covers (besides many, many other topics): - Commodore 64, 40 years and counting… - A500 MINI – My time machine in miniature. - The Appointment (for C64 and beginners). - RetroFighter engine for Commodore 64 – pt. 2. - Eye of the Beholder (C64). - Luykia the Lost Island (Plus/4). - Knights & Slimes (C64). - Impossible Mission (Plus/4). - Jungle Joe (C64). - 180 (C64)
14.01.2023 - 'The Dragnet Case Re-Release' - A Sam Boon adventure for C64 and Plus/4 released
The Dragnet Case Re-ReleaseYou play the role of Sam Boon, an L.A. Private Detective. Ask anyone around here and they will have heard of you, however, most of them will question if you are still in business. Times have been hard the last 10 years, cases are fewer, pay less, and mostly involve finding lost cats.  There are two version for the C64, one is full screen text only, the second is half screen and uses high res graphics in key locations. The Plus/4 release is only available as graphic version. The game, which is furthermore available for several other systems such as Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST and DOS, can be obtained as digital download for small money (name your own price).
12.01.2023 - Plus/4 game 'Wizard Of Wor Classic!' released
Wizard Of Wor Classic!TCFS is back with another classic game port: Wizard Of Wor Classic! If that name plus game combination rings a bell, no wonder: he has ported this game before, back in 1990. However, that port is not very faithful to the C64 original. This one however, is. Great care has been taken to ensure the game looks, plays and sounds just right. The cherry on top is a cool new intro by Murphy and a hand-pixelled title screen from Unreal.
02.01.2023 - Plus/4 game 'T-Rex Run' released
T-Rex RunThis is another take on the Dinosaur T-Rex Easter Egg Game, which is hidden in Google's Chrome. This time for Plus/4, equipped with nice graphics. The game is available as digital download for free.
02.01.2023 - Plus/4 emulator YAPE 1.2.2 released
Plus/4 emulator YAPE 1.2.2 releasedYAPE is a decent no-nonsense Plus/4 emulator thats being developed for 10+ years. It is available in Windows as well as multiplatform editions. After more than a year of hiatus, there is now a new release. These are the most important new features and bugfixes that made it into it: - SID card mouse emulation (in DirectInput mode). - manufacturer dependent RAM powerup patterns. - copy emulator window to the clipboard as a bitmap. - the 32-bit build has now an opcode track window. - quotation mark printing bug (MPS-803). - drive VIA emulation accuracy improvements
30.12.2022 - Plus/4 game 'The Two Rogues' released
The Two Rogues'The Two Rogues' (A Két Zsivány) is a single-screen maze game, where the player has to control two characters alternately. Toggle between them with the SPACE key while trying to steer both characters through the maze and reach the exit spots.
27.12.2022 - 'WhirlyBirds' for C64 released
WhirlyBirds'WhirlyBirds' was recently released for Plus/4. Now the Puls4r Team (maker of Lykia) also ported it to C64. WhirlyBirds is a first person 3D game in the vein of the Freescape engine. Move around with joystick or cursor keys. Explore the level and find the three Christmas elves. The game is available as free digital download. The archive contains different versions (fullscreen, faster paced windowed version and one for the SCPU).
26.12.2022 - Plus/4 game 'Stick Man' released
Stick Man'Stick Man' aka Stickman is a single-screen platformer. Collect relics and escape the labyrinth. The game is released as digital download for free. A game editor also available: Plus/4 Platform Game Editor.
24.12.2022 - 'Dizzy Three and a Half' for Plus/4 released
Dizzy Three and a Half'Dizzy Three and a Half' (aka Dizzy 3 + a Half, Dizzy 3.5, Dizzy III.V) was a minigame teaser for Magicland Dizzy, originally released for the Spectrum on the covertape of Crash magazine in January 1991. Now it got ported to Plus/4 and is free for download.
22.12.2022 - Plus/4 game 'WhirlyBirds' released
WhirlyBirdsRemember the second wave of open-world 3D games? WhirlyBirds is an attempt to do all that in 64kb at about 1.25 Mhz on a Plus/4 in a Freescape like 3D engine. Move around with joystick or cursor keys. Explore the level and find the three Christmas elves.
18.12.2022 - Plus/4 game 'X-Massacre' released
X-MassacreA new tortureware product: X-MaSsacre is here. It's time to shoot all nasty dudes and collect all x-mas presents. You can get the game as digital download for a bargain (name your own price).
11.12.2022 - 'Cross Verbix V1.0' - new game for C64, Plus/4 and VIC-20 released
Cross Verbix V1.0Cross Verbix is a word game somehow similar to Scrabble and to a much lesser extent similar to Tetris: you must construct correct English words by rotating columns of letters or by rotating the bottom row before the letters reach the top level. You can get extra points if you complete the level earlier by lowering the stack of letters below the second row. The game is free for download. The link above is for the C64 version, the Plus/4 binary can be obtained here, and the VIC-20 here.
08.12.2022 - Protovision Shop: 'Plus/4 Dust Covers' now available
Plus/4 Dust CoversSo you have a wonderful Commodore Plus/4 machine and want to protect it against dust and nasty splashes that always seem to appear out of nowhere. Well, Protovision has the thing just for you - sturdy and flexible covers made of Kodura fabric. Not only do they look great but they are made in Germany, so you know they are great!
22.11.2022 - Plus/4 game 'Tron 8 WOJ' released
Tron 8 WOJ'Tron 8 WOJ' aka Tron 8 WheelOfJoy, is an 8-players' hack of Tron 6 which works with all the joystick's ports of the WheelOfJoy hardware, which is is an Open Hardware 8-player joystick adapter for the Commodore 16 and Plus/4.
29.10.2022 - 'Castle Attack' - a game for the unexpanded Commodore VIC-20 / C16 / C116 / Plus4.
Castle Attack'Castle Attack' is a little arcade game in the style of 'Orc Attack', created by Rainer Kappler (Masterware Entertainment), which you can download for free. After a long battle, your castle is about to be conquered. Defend your castle by throwing stones at the attacking knights, who want to use ladders to reach the battlements of it.
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