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04.02.2023 - Amiga game creator 'Redpill' V0.9.16 released
Redpill (Amiga)List of changes in 0.9.16: - Loading effect can be selected in the Game Setup screen, only two available for now. - Game object system optimization. - General trigger optimization. - Object trigger instantiation has been optimized. - Added Collision Count condition trigger. - Inv Speed X/Y now updates the angle of the object. - On screen object detection improvements. - More triggers have been documented in the in-editor help. - Editor 68020 specific executable has been removed. - Changed memory management routines for songs. - Shrinkler compressor updated to version 4.7. - Fixes when music is played using level properties. - Fixes in the HUD system. - Fix Count Type on variable. - Fix when dragging objects in the level object screen. - Fixes in the FX system, now it works properly in ECS. - Fixes in audio screen. - Collides Type trigger now does not get triggered with the objects using it. - Resume Anim trigger removed. - Bug fixes and improved stability.
03.02.2023 - Video: Taito Tiger-Heli - Amiga Port (early work in progress)
Video: Taito Tiger-Heli - Amiga Port (early work in progress) - YouTube screenshotThis video shows an early preview of a possible Amiga port of Tiger-Heli. Created with Scorpion Engine.
02.02.2023 - Protovision Shop: 'Brotkasten GOLD CD' - available again
Brotkasten GOLD CDHere is something special to add to your retro gaming collection. The Brotkasten GOLD CD is a great compilation of emulators, games, demos and disk-mags that was previously sold throughout Germany in the late 1990s. The CD has a German based user menu and works on Windows, Amiga and PC-Geos!
01.02.2023 - Test and Try: Corroded Amiga 500 Rev 5 (w/512k ROM upgrade and S-Video out) - video from 'Adrian's Digital Basement'
Video by Adrian's Digital Basement - YouTube screenshotWelcome to another video in the test and try series. This time we have an Amiga 500 and Digifex Corp VIP box. The computer actually looks a bit worse inside than Adrian was led to believe, so he cleaned it up. Also it's a Rev 5 board so it needs a modification to accept larger 512k ROMs.
28.01.2023 - Star Trek Voyager (1995) TV Series Intro, done by Commodore Amiga - video from 'Commodore Computer Museum'
Video by Commodore Computer Museum - YouTube screenshotIn 1995 Star Trek Voyager hit the TV screens, did you know some of the graphics on the intro (credits) were done with a Commodore Amiga (other images of the ship were models). In this quick video the footage of Voyager created on Amiga are highlighted. The amazing thing about all this is the usual computers that did this sort of work cost $100.000+ and the Amiga (around $1.000) was able to do the same job!
27.01.2023 - Amiga game 'Fynn and Thorin' released
Fynn and Thorin (Amiga)Like the previous game 'Goblinking Eduard' by the same developer, 'Fynn and Thorin' is a little 2 player children's game he made for his two sons. There are different versions: Version 1 needs an Amiga with Kickstart 1.3 and 1 MB Ram. It is only in German. Version 2 needs an Amiga with Kickstart 3.1 and 1 MB Ram. It is in german and english. Version 3 is for Amiga CD 32. It is in English. You can get the game as digital download for a bargain (name your own price).
23.01.2023 - Amiga AGA game 'Agonman' released
AgonmanAgonman is a small game inspired by a static image of Edwin Van del Heuvel (with his permission) with some modified gfx from the game Agony, except for the Owl and as a tribute to Agony/Psygnosis. It all started as an experiment, using the Zener REDPILL game maker and created in 16 colours for Amiga AGA. Two versions are offered as digital download for little money (name your own price). One for emulator, another for real Amiga AGA, in HD or WHDLoad.
22.01.2023 - Amiga game 'AmiMineSweeper' released and free for download
AmiMineSweeper (Amiga)MineSweeper (beta) is for any Amiga and working on Kickstart 1.3 and later. Features: - 3 difficulty levels and custom levels (20x13 maximum map). - right button paste a flag or deleting flag from map
22.01.2023 - The Commodore 64 Transplant: New Keycaps and a New Case! - video from '10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast'
Video by 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast - YouTube screenshotThis week on ChickenHead Chronicles Doug is taking his lovely old silver Commodore 64 and transplanting its guts into a new case from Individual Computers and new Keycaps from Will everything go flawlessly and as planned?
21.01.2023 - Reviewing the new Amiga Keycaps from - video from 'Jan Beta'
Video by Jan Beta - YouTube screenshotJan is taking an in-depth look at the new Amiga replacement keycaps and fit them on an original A500 keyboard.
16.01.2023 - The Fully Networked Amiga: SMB 2&3, Email, Web Browsing, Social Media and Music Streaming! - video from '10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast'
Video by 10 Minute Amiga Retro Cast - YouTube screenshotThis week on 10 Minute Amiga retro Cast Doug is getting his Amiga 4000 all hooked up to the Interwebs with his Indivision X-surf 100 networking card.
15.01.2023 - WIP Amiga game 'Creeping Me Out: Hex Night' - Demo 1.4 released
Creeping Me Out: Hex Night (Amiga)'Creeping Me Out: Hex Night' is going to be an action platformer in the vein of Turrican & Castlevania, made in Scorpion Engine. Demo 1.4 is now available! It's not a big update in terms of content, it's mostly quality of life improvements and performance ones. There are a few tiny new things here and there.. (particle effects, so many bug fixes, improved boss fights, ability to run it without fast-ram etc.)
13.01.2023 - An Official Amiga Product in 2023? Simulant Mechanical USB Keyboard | Tech Nibble - video from 'RMC'
Video by RMC - YouTube screenshotThis time in the cave we see unboxing, using and comparing the Simulant Amiga Keyboard, plus some history on the product.
10.01.2023 - Protovision Shop: 'PS/2 mouse adapter Micromys V5'
PS/2 mouse adapter Micromys V5Looking for an easier way to play e.g. Eye of the Beholder with a mouse on your real C64? Then the Protovsion Shop has you covered. They have restocked their supply of the PS/2 mouse adapter Micromys V5. This handy adapter allows you to use a more modern mouse device to emulate a 1351 mouse. As an added bonus, the Micromys V5 is also compatible with the Amiga, VIC-20, 8 bit Atari and Atari ST machines.
09.01.2023 - New at - 'Turbo 2000 Super Wireless Gamepad'
Turbo 2000 Super Wireless GamepadWireless joypad for computers and classic consoles with a DB9 port for joysticks (Atari standard). It is available in two different sticker designs: Amiga and Commodore C64.
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