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15.03.2020 - C64 related stuff
C64 Emulator/Tool "DirMaster V3.1.5" listed in category "C64 - Emulators and Tools" was recently submitted or revised.

24.12.2019 - C64 related stuff
C64 Emulator/Tool "Vice Emulator V3.4" listed in category "C64 - Emulators and Tools" was recently submitted or revised.

22.12.2019 - Amiga related stuff
Amiga Emulator/Tool "WinUAE 4.3.0" listed in category "Amiga - Emulators and Tools" was recently submitted or revised.

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Commodore News
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21.03.2020 - New crowdfunding campaing - AMIGA 2020 - A documentary film by Steven Fletcher
'AMIGA 2020' is a new Kickstarter campaign: The year is 2020 and the Amiga computer is 35 years old and going strong. WavemStudios is looking at new developments and interview Amigans worldwide.

20.03.2020 - 'C64-WiFi-Modem-User-Port' by Sven Petersen as Rev. 2 released on GitHub
'C64-WiFi-Modem-User-Port', as the name suggests, is a user port add-on for an 8-bit Commodore 64 home computer that enables you to connect your retro machine to BBS. It is based on the ESP8266 (NodeMCU v3) and contains level shifters to translate between the NodeMCU 3.3V level and the User Port 5V level. This prevents stressing the User Port due to a level mismatch.

20.03.2020 - C64 Studio 6.4 released
C64 Studio is a .NET based IDE. The program supports project based C64 assembly or Basic V2. The internal assembler is using the ACME syntax. C64 Studio allows you to compile to raw binary, .prg, .t64, .d64 or cartridge format (.bin and .crt for 8k, 16k, MagicDesk). Additionally to this C64 Studio comes with a charset, sprite and media editor (tape and disk).

20.03.2020 - Free games for C64 and VIC-20 at 'Double Sided Games'
In times like these, one also could need (besides TP :-) some game fodder for our beloved retro machines to overcome boredom during quarantine. For this reason 'Double Sided Games' gives out free digital copies of their games 'L’Abbaye des morts' (C64), 'Vegetables Deluxe' (C64) and 'Fire' (VIC-20).

19.03.2020 - Next video from 'Retro Recipes' - Peri Plays ELITE! - Part 2 - Commodore 64 Longplay
It's time to wake from hypersleep for an even more fun journey into deep space as we get closer to becoming ELITE! This is part 2 of Commander Gavyn Sykes' try to become an 8-bit space ace...

19.03.2020 - Sneak Preview - 'QUOD INIT EXIT IIo' for C64
QUOD INIT EXIT IIo is a Commodore 64 platformer. It is the sequel of QUOD INIT EXIT and the big brother of QUOD INIT EXIT IIm. Its development is progressing slowly, but hopefully one day it will be finished. This video shows the state the game is currently in.

18.03.2020 - DIR PLUS V3.0 for Commodore 64 and Plus/4 released
DIR PLUS is a SD2IEC browser, program starter and file manager solution for your Commodore 64 and Plus/4. The goal with the file management functionality has been, that you never should have to put your SD card in a modern computer for file managing.

18.03.2020 - New video from 'Retro Recipes' - Let's journey into deep space with Elite! C64 Longplay - Part 1
Don't stay home, join 'Perifractic' on a journey into deep space... because he has never played ELITE! 'Perifractic' is temporarily moving to more frequent videos to support the community.

15.03.2020 - New video from 'Retro Recipes' - Fixing Commodore 64 Colour + Rescue on Fractalus!
In this video 'Perifractic' is serving us the following: "On today's menu let's explore (and try to fix) an idiosyncrasy of Commodore electronics caused by PAL/NTSC conversions, and take a journey to Fractalus!"

15.03.2020 - New Video from '8-Bit Show And Tell': Estimating Pi With Commodore 64 Logo
For Pi Day Robin from '8-Bit Show And Tell' brushes the 35-year-old rust off his Logo skills and attempt to implement a Monte Carlo method estimation of Pi. He also demonstrates a much more accurate Pi calculator for the C64 that's available for other vintage computers too.

14.03.2020 - New C64 game 'Atic Atac' released and available as free download
'Atic Atac' for C64, originally released for the ZX Spectrum and the BBC Micro, is finally finished, released and available as free download! 'Atic Atac' is an arcade-adventure developed and published by Ultimate Play the Game. The game takes place within a castle in which the player must seek out the 'Golden Key of ACG' by unlocking doors and avoiding enemies.

14.03.2020 - New video from 'Adrian Black' - Can you replace your C64 PLA for under $3?
Bad PLA chips (MOS 906114-01) are a super common problem for the breadbin Commodore 64 machines. There are replacements around but they aren't that cheap. How about one you can build yourself at home for under $3?

12.03.2020 - Addition Video from '8-Bit Show And Tell' - 'California Pains' Easter Egg in 'California Games' for C64
This is a quick video about another Commodore 64 California Games Easter egg that '8-Bit Show And Tell' was unaware of, and was only revealed in an interview with Matt Householder, designer and producer of California Games in 2015.

12.03.2020 - New video from 'Jan Beta' - Commodore 16 SaRuMan-TED No Mod 64k RAM Expansion
In this episode, 'Jan Beta' is trying Eslapion's SaRuMan TED RAM expansion for the Commodore 16/116. This plug-in device adds 64k of SRAM to the system without any modifications to the PCB.

12.03.2020 - 'Fix It Felix Jr.' for C64 announced
'Fix It Felix Jr.' was the game featured in the film Wreck It Ralph. While there is already a browser version of the game from Disney and some homebrew versions for consoles, now a C64 port (WIP) was recently announced. So (hopefully) soon you can play as Felix and fix the broken windows as Ralph tries to wreck the building!

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Site Blog
...from time to time, some thoughts need to get out...
Farewell Patrick!
Author: Zeldin - written on 31.12.2014

Farewell Patrick!Axis/Cascade is no more. We are all still shaken by the unexpected death of our friend and group mate Patrick aka Axis/Cascade. We wanted to express our sorrow, so I coded a little intro, which you can find in the C64 demo section of this page. The following text is a rough excerpt taken from the scroller:

Dear Patrick, may this be the condolence from the the group that was co-founded by you long time ago. We want to give you our last salute. I (Zeldin) know how much you were breathing the spirit of the scene. That's why I thought a goodbye demo would have made you happy. You and me exchanged lots of mails about how much we both enjoyed the good ol' days and of course: how much we miss them... It was this tie that emotionally connected us for over 15 years. Thanks for all your help in supporting the group and your indefatigable endeavour in spreading our name. Your tattoos were legendary! Thanks for your work on fb and youtube. Your channels were appreciated by a lot of people. Thanks for being such a good chap. You'll be sorely missed!!!

Mach's gut, Patrick... den Adler im Herzen, sge4ever!
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