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Freshly fished out of the net...

Here you will find all the latest news about Commodore's versatile 3in1 home computer C128. This ticker contains news about new game and hardware releases, latest video and podcast uploads, trivia and product information. All freshly fished from the web. RSS feed available!

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07.05.2024 - C128 game 'Castle Quest' released
Commodore News - - external link'Castle Quest' is an old school text adventure game. Your quest: rescue the kidnapped princess! The game was already released for C64 and VIC-20. This version is for the Commodore 128 in 80 column mode and you can get it as digital download for little money (name your own price) to support the developer.
08.04.2024 - Protovision Shop: Many cables for your Commodore machine re-stocked
Commodore News - - external linkCables here, cables there, cables everywhere. We have re-stocked many cables for your Commodore machine. These include Mini DIN (svideo), Floppycable, Y-serial, SCART, composite, Y/C Monitor and C128 to C64 keyboard adapter + cable. Protovision has them all! Order yours now!
23.02.2024 - Repairing Martin Galway's Commodore 128- video from 'The 8-Bit Guy'
Commodore News - - external linkIn this video the 8-Bit Guy is having a look at a very special computer. It's not so much the computer itself but because of who it belongs to: Martin Galway, the famous chiptune musician from back in the day.
05.02.2024 - 'Rock n' Bolt Enhanced' for C64 released - free for download
Commodore News - - external linkThe old classic game Rock 'N Bolt got an complete overhaul by Grue/Beyond Force that includes a vast number of fixes, improvements and tweaks, including changes that make use of the 2Mhz mode of the C128. But this is only one issue in a very long list...
01.02.2024 - Update for 'Z64K' available
Commodore News - - external link'Z64K' is a pixel exact emulation of the Commodore 128,Commodore 64, VIC 20, ZX Spectrum 48/128K and Atari 2600. 'Z64K' should run on any platform with an updated java runtime environment installed. Latest updates (v2): - Improved timing of switching between C128 Z80/8502. All tests behave like real hardware as discussed at Using CIA timer to measure the duration of Z80<>8502 switch | Commodore 128 (
02.01.2024 - Adding Command Line-esque Parameters to C64 and C128 Programs - video from '8-Bit Show And Tell'
Commodore News - - external linkIt's actually pretty easy to add support for command-line-style parameters to Commodore 64 and Commodore 128 programs by reading the line input buffer with some PEEKs. We examine how to do this, why this might be beneficial, and give some example code in BASIC and Assembly. We also learn a bit about how BASIC parses and interprets our code, and the internal structure of these commands and programs. And we look at the Commodore 128 feature to RUN a file from disk that further enhances the use of parameters.
23.12.2023 - 'Evening Star Enhanced' - C64 redux game released - free for download
Commodore News - - external link'Evening Star' is a vector graphics train simulation game that was published by Hewson Consultants in 1987 for C64 and other 8-bit systems as sequel to the game 'Southern Belle'. This new enhanced version by Grue od Beyond Force offers, besides small touches and polish, a bunch of speed enhancements: - C128 2Mhz mode in the borders. - REU support for Gfx Buffer and copying it to the bitmap. - speed code for places it needs to be. - Pixel plotting integrated into line drawing routine. - Game math speed improvements. - Smoke drawing routine rework. - overhauled 3D engine and objects into a more optimized form.
16.12.2023 - Fully testing a C128D: I do everything wrong but I get there in the end - video from 'Adrian's Digital Basement'
Commodore News - - external linkAdrian has this dingy and neglected C128D that he has never even tested or turned on. So let's test this machine and put it through its paces and see if it works or needs some repairs.
10.12.2023 - Protovision Shop: New stock item - 'WiC64' plus several restocked products
Commodore News - - external linkLooking for something that will give you full access to the internet from your Commodore machine? The WiC64 is a wireless modem interface that plugs into your user port and works in parallel mode with 8 data lines, 2 handshake lines and one control line – speeding up data transmission by a factor of 20! Also restocked: cynthCart64, LumaFix64, LumaFix128, TFC3+ and C128 RGBi to RGBa adapter.
02.12.2023 - 'The Ghosts of Blackwood Manor' - game for C64, C128, Amiga, Plus/4 and Mega65 (and even more systems) released
Commodore News - - external linkThe Ghosts of Blackwood Manor is an award-winning interactive horror from Stefan Vogt, the acclaimed author of Hibernated and The Curse of Rabenstein. Take on the role of novelist Thomas King and his wife Cora as they move into a remote Scottish manor house, just days before Christmas 1986. Seeking inspiration for his next book, Thomas begins to explore the history of Blackwood Manor, only to uncover a dark secret that dates back centuries to the days of the Great Scottish Witch Hunts. You can get the game as digital download for a bargain (name your own price).
03.11.2023 - SNK vs CAPCOM for C64/C128 update and RetroFighter future projects
Commodore News - - external linkn this video you can find a lot of news about projects from 'RetroGL', the maker of 'SNK vs CAPCOM'. First of all, a link to an update to the game is ready to be downloaded. Many fixes and bugs solved. Besides this, 'RetroGL' is planning some projects to develop with the RetroFighter engine that he created. The video shows some previews of 3 future projects he would like to finish...
03.11.2023 - Protovision Shop: New stock item - 'C128D keyboard to C64 adapter'
Commodore News - - external linkHave you ever wished that you could use the C128D Keyboard with your Commodore 64? Well, Protovision Shop offers an adapter that allows you to do this. Available with or without an extension cable, the C128D keyboard to C64 adapter is only available in limited numbers so you better be quick before the sell out.
31.10.2023 - Protovision Shop: 8in1 Diag multirom cart added to Protovision Shop
Commodore News - - external linkThe 8in1 Diag multirom cart from C64Lovers contains multiple cartridges in one device. It contains 8 different ROMs, including two types of Dead Test, C64 Diag, C1541 Diag, C128 Dig and more. The Protovision Shop has a limited number of these versatile carts and are sure to sell out quickly.
27.10.2023 - Protovision Shop: Lots of great items back in stock
Commodore News - - external linkThe Protovison Shop has been restocked with many great items to get the most from your favourite Commodore machine. The SD2IEC cableless, C128 GEOS ROM, TFC3+, 1541 Diagnostic Cartridge and Mini X-Pander are now available to order once again.
28.09.2023 - 99.8% Compatible? The C64 Mode of the Commodore 128 - video from '8-Bit Show And Tell'
Commodore News - - external linkThe Commodore 128 has a highly accurate Commodore 64 mode built into it. Because of the huge games library for the C64, some C128s spent most of their time in C64 mode despite all the "real computer" advantages the C128 mode has. But C64 mode on the C128 is not perfect and some games will not work on it. In this video we'll show several examples, and where possible, provide explanations and fixes for the failures.
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