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13.04.2023 - Update for 'Z64K' available
Z64K'Z64K' is a pixel exact emulation of the Commodore 128,Commodore 64, VIC 20, ZX Spectrum 48/128K and Atari 2600. 'Z64K' should run on any platform with an updated java runtime environment installed. Latest updates (v2): - Ensure Z80 port RW synchronized with 1mhz clock. - Improved 40 column z80 timing without breaking anything.
11.03.2023 - Multi platform adventure game 'Memory Lane' released and free for download
Memory LaneThis game is a story-based text adventure made with Ozmoo, where you can explore the town and discover mysterious places. Collect multiple items and interact with other citizens. There's just one hook... they no longer seem to remember you. Supported Systems: C64, C128, Plus/4, C16,VIC-20, PET, MEGA65, Amiga and several other non-Commodore 8-Bit systems.
13.01.2023 - What’s the Commodore 64/128’s maximum transfer rate? - video from 'retrobits'
Video by retrobits - YouTube screenshotHigh speed downloads on the C64 and C128 using period-correct hardware and software. Turbo232, REU RamDisk, bottlenecks, and benchmarks.
23.12.2022 - 'Games That Weren't 64' (GTW64) Christmas update 2022
Games That Weren't 64 (GTW64) Christmas update 2022Time has come round quickly once more, with our yearly Christmas update - and as always, the GTW crew has something for you in the shape of a previously unseen and unreleased C64 game Lordsfire (see news below), some recovered C128 titles and important new information on some key GTW entries like Adam Caveman, Billy Boulder and Mumbles - Super Spy, plus 9 brand new entries added and 33 other entries also updated.
23.12.2022 - Protovision Shop: 'C128 RGBi to RGBa adapter'
C128 RGBi to RGBa adapterIf you need a simple way to output an analog RGB signal from your Commodore 128 then Protovision has the solution for you. This handy little adapter will convert a digital RGBIHV signal over to RGBa, allowing you to connect it to your favourite VGA upscaler.
09.12.2022 - Protovision Shop: 'C128 RAM Replacement' available now
C128 RAM ReplacementThe one RAM Replacement board to rule them all! The SaRuMan-128 is a lower power RAM replacement board for the Commodore 128. Replace all 16 DRAM ICs of the C128 with a single small module. Soldering skills required.
21.11.2022 - 'Eye of the Beholder' for C64 finally released and free for download
Eye of the BeholderEye of the Beholder is a dungeon crawler and role-playing game developed by Westwood Associates. It was published in 199 by Strategic Simulations, Inc. for the MS-DOS operating system and later ported to the Amiga, Sega CD and SNES. For 16 years 'JackAsser' of Booze Design had been working on a port for the C64 and C128, which could have been considered an impossible mission. But now it is actually finished and it has become a masterpiece, with features that even surpass the original. Anyway, V1.00 is out now and can be downloaded for free.
24.10.2022 - Protovision Shop: Grab your C128 mini keychain now!
Protovision Shop: Grab your C128 mini keychain now!What better way than to show off your love for your Commodore 128 by ordering one of our C128 miniature model keychains. The keychains are highly detailed and look simply awesome. Order yours now!
14.10.2022 - New at - 'ArcadeR Joystick'
ArcadeR JoystickCompatible with all Classic Amiga computers: A500, A500+, A600, A1200, A1500, A2000, A2500, A3000, A4000, A4000T and CD32. Also compatible with the MiST, MiSTer, Commodore C64/C128, Atari ST, Atari XL, Atari 2600, Amstrad CPC, and MSX computers.
14.09.2022 - Multi format text adventure 'Silk Dust - Collector's Edition' is ready for pre-order
Silk Dust - Collector's Edition is ready for pre-orderSilk Dust - the latest text adventure by Davide Bucci is now available for pre-order as a physical release. 'Silk Dust' is the third chapter of the adventures of Emilia Vittorini, after 'Two Days to the Race' and 'The Queen's Footsteps'. Silk Dust is available for the following computers: C64, VIC20+32K, C128, Plus/4, PET models with at least 32K of RAM, Amiga,CPC 664 or CPC6128, MSX, ZX Spectrum 48K, MS-DOS, Macintosh 68k, CP/M, Olivetti M20, RC2014, Atari 800, Apple II, Atari ST.
05.08.2022 - How the Commodore REU Works - new video from 'The 8-Bit Guy'
Video by The 8-Bit Guy - YouTube screenshotLet's got back to 1985 with the introduction of C128. The box says it's expandable up to 512k, but in the time of the launch it was not possible. But a year later in 1986 they came out with the 1750 RAM Expansion for the C128. This one has 512k inside. And they also produced the 1764 RAM Expansion for the C64. Here is how they work.
27.04.2022 - Ten Great Commodore 128 BASIC Improvements Over The C64 - new Video from '8-Bit Show And Tell'
Video by 8-Bit Show And Tell - YouTube screenshotAs great as the Commodore 64 is, there were a lot of complaints about the lack of features in its built-in BASIC 2. The Commodore 128's BASIC 7 improved upon it in many ways, and today we'll take a look at some of the best.
27.04.2022 - Protovision Shop: C128 expansion ROM U36 - Super 81 Utilities restocked
Protovision Shop: C128 expansion ROM U36 - Super 81 Utilities restockedThe expansion ROM U36 is a wonderful upgrade for your Commodore 128 which you can install without any soldering. Among the various ROMs you can choose from, Protovision restocked the Super 81 Utilities.
26.03.2022 - New Release of '8bit-Slicks' with support for Ultimate Cart!
8bit-Slicks8bit-Slicks is finally available for the Ultimate Cart! This brings to 3 the number of supported network interfaces (8bit-Hub, RR-Net, Ultimate). If you have not heard of 8bit-Slicks, head now to and enjoy some cool online car racing on your C64/C128!
26.03.2022 - Protovision Shop: CleoRAM - a great GeoRAM alternative back in stock
Protovision Shop: CleoRAM - a great GeoRAM alternative back in stockThe CleoRAM is available again. This GeoRAM clone contains many enhancements, including a battery backup to make sure that you never lose your data. The CleoRAM works with the C64/C128 and the Ultimate 64 at all operation speeds. Protovision has both the 2MB and 4MB models in stock.
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