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Have you already experienced the following:
You got C64 related hardware on second hand market but not the drivers to use it? This can be very annoying! It already happened to me. And because I collected a fair amount of software and drivers for different C64 hardware in the meantime, I thought, it might be of use for others. That's why this section is on this website, though it is not related to Cascade at all...

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Type/Manufacturer: RamEx/REUe
Ram Ex Assembler Pack
Ram Ex Assembler Pack
Ram Ex Assembler Pack
Category: Ram Extensions

Here you find some Turbo Ass Versions, which were modified for the REU. There are also some additional tools, like a monitor or a REU-Tester.

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Turbo Ass Patch
Turbo Ass Patch
Turbo Ass Patch
Category: Ram Extensions

With this patch, your Turbo Ass will be able to edit more than 4096 lines of source code. It doesn't work with all versions of the Turbo the notefile, which is linked into the patcher.
This sophisticated little proggie was coded by Carlos/Cascade...

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