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Have you already experienced the following:
You got C64 related hardware on second hand market but not the drivers to use it? This can be very annoying! It already happened to me. And because I collected a fair amount of software and drivers for different C64 hardware in the meantime, I thought, it might be of use for others. That's why this section is on this website, though it is not related to Cascade at all...

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Type/Manufacturer: Conrad Electronics/Markt und Technik
Tiny Eprommer
Tiny Eprommer
Tiny Eprommer
Category: Eprom Burner Software

This very fast eprommer was once offered in old 64er Magazine, later distributed by Conrad Electronics. Seems this eprom burner is still around. The Software also includes a module generator and the sourcecode of the software. The burner supports the following eprom types: 2764(A), 27128 and 27256.

Software is in german language!

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