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Emulators and Tools

Here you will find some of those handy emulators that let you run all those C64 and Amiga stuff you can find here or anywhere else on the net. Additionally there is a selection of tools for handling C64 and Amiga disk and sound files, which should provide you with all you need for retro homecomputing on your (Windows) PC.

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Amiga Emulators and Tools
Amiga Emulators

WinUAE 5.2.0
WinUAE 5.2.0
WinUAE 5.2.0
Released: 19.02.2024

WinUAE is a mostly complete software emulation of the Commodore Amiga computers - from Amiga 500 up to Amiga 4000.

Note: For this emulator you also need the original Amiga Kickstart-Rom-File. The Kickstart ROM is copyright 1982-1997 Amiga Corporation (formerly Hi-Toro) and its successors and licensors and we are not allowed to distribute it here. Officially licensed Amiga ROM and OS files are available both for download and on CD-ROM as part of Cloanto's Amiga Forever package, which includes Kickstart files up to v3.1 (the latest version).

This is the 64-bit (x64) version. For the 32-bit (x86) and/or further informations about WinUAE (incl. older versions) visit:

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Disk File Tools

ADF View
ADF View
ADF View
Released: 17.04.2007

The ADF View is a Shell Namespace extension, which lets you open an .adf file within the Windows Explorer. In other words it shows the content of the virtual disk by double clicking the adf. disk image. Is told to work with Windows NT/2000/XP/Vista/Win7.

For further information visit the ADF View website.

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ADF Opus Version 1.2
ADF Opus Version 1.2
ADF Opus Version 1.2
Released: 26.02.2003

ADF Opus is a file management tool for ADF files and hardfiles. It allows you to perform most common tasks (like copying, renaming, deleting, etc.) with your ADFs without having to go anywhere near an emulator. Features include support for all filesystems (including directory-caching) high speed file copying, ability to access real Amiga harddisks and a powerful MDI interface.

For further information or source code files visit the ADF Opus website.

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MOD Emulators

Oldsk00l MOD Player V0.88
Oldsk00l MOD Player V0.88

Though the new versions of WinAmp offer an implemented .mod plugin, you might want to try this little plugIn, because besides the wellknown Tracker format (.mod) it furthermore enables your WinAmp to play .fc3 (Future Composer) and .dm2 (DeltaMusic) files.

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Transfer Tools

Released: 00.07.2005

This is the Windows Version of the Amiga Floppy Reader. The author describes the software to be in an early state, and I had no time an resources to check it. The software is fairly old, and as far as I know discontinued, but maybe still of use for someone, hence I leave it for download here until further notice. It should run on Win 7 and above, as far as I have checked. But still: Use it on your own risk...

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Amiga Transfer Disk v2.1
Amiga Transfer Disk v2.1
Amiga Transfer Disk v2.1
Released: 02.01.2006

This is a set of transfer tools compiled into one “transfer disk”. This disk contains a comprehensive collection of tools which can help you to transfer any kind of data from an Amiga to PC and vice versa via serial connection. Of course, any other destination computer with serial port and Z-modem support is possible, too.

For further information about the Amiga Transfer Disk visit:

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