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Site Uploads and Changes
31.03.2018 - C64 related stuff
C64 Emulator/Tool "aimp_sidplay v1.0.1" listed in category "C64 - Emulators and Tools" was recently submitted or revised.

30.03.2018 - C64 related stuff
C64 Emulator/Tool "in_sidplay2 v2.1.5.0" listed in category "C64 - Emulators and Tools" was recently submitted or revised.

09.03.2018 - Amiga related stuff
Amiga Emulator/Tool "WinUAE 3.6.1" listed in category "Amiga - Emulators and Tools" was recently submitted or revised.

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Commodore News
...freshly fished out of the net...
29.12.2017 - No More Secrets v0.92
No More Secrets is a documents that describes the so called 'illegal' op-codes for the NMOS 6510 microprocessor. The document is maintained by Groepaz and gives you information on op-codes such as: RLA, LAX, ANC, ARR, TAS and many more.

29.12.2017 - Firefox Boulderdash - Orange Dash
Are you tired of playing the original Boulderdash game again and again? There are lots of people who create their own Boulderdash versions. Firefox released his newest Boulderdash game called "Orange Dash".

29.12.2017 - FREEZE64 - 15
FREEZE64 is a fanzine for Commodore 64 gamers and hackers. In this edition: Nick Taylor, Planet Golf, Bee 52, Mike Dailly, The Bear Essentials, cheats, Games in the making, news and Secret Squirrel.

29.12.2017 - C64 Debugger v0.64
C64 Debugger is a code and memory debugger that works in real time. The program works together with the VICE emulator. Changes in this version: JukeBox, BASIC auto run, 64tass code labels and improvements for the SID, sprites and screen saving.

29.12.2017 - Retro invaders calendars 2018
The new Retro invaders calendar is now available. The theme this time is: Games. The calendars are available in many languages.

29.12.2017 - Captain Cloudberry, Helium - C64
Captain Cloudberry - Episode IV: "Helium" is a new game for the Commodore C64 made by the group Megastyle. Code: Docster and Majikeyric, music: Drumtex and Rotteroy, graphics: FX, Rotteroy, Shine and Sparkler.

22.12.2017 - HVSC #68
There is an update available of the High Voltage SID Collection. There are now more than 50.000 SIDs in the collection. In this update 700 new SIDs, 224 fixed/better rips, 327 SID credit fixes, 20 SID model/clock info's, 4 tunes identified and 24 tunes moved. You can download the update from the HVSC web page.

22.12.2017 - Retro Commodore - 2018 calendar
Retro Commodore has made a calendar for the year 2018 with a retro theme. There are month and year calendars available with a Sunday or a Monday as the first day of the week.

22.12.2017 - VIC-20 Fusion
Radical Brad is working on a multimedia expansion for the Commodore VIC-20. Features: No modifications to the VIC-20, VGA 400 x 300 with 4096 colours and a blitter system, 4 channel sound, SD and USB.

22.12.2017 - DC2N4-LC
Luigi Di Fraia has made a new video of the DC2N4-LC. You can now use the multi-threaded GUI client under Windows 10.

22.12.2017 - Iz8dwf - Keyboard cleaning
Iz8dwf made a video about cleaning the contacts inside a keyboard. The example is a keyboard from a Commodore VIC-20.

22.12.2017 - C64Studio v5.5
C64 Studio is an assembly development environment which is dependent on VICE. You can write assembly code and test this with the VICE emulator. Recent changes: Value Table editor, Koala import, Short-cuts toolbar/menu, improvements for the assembler and search.

22.12.2017 - 6561 Die-shot reversing explorations
Lance Ewing is exploring the MOS 6561 chip (Video Interface Chip). He is working on the Y-decoder and X-decoder logic.

22.12.2017 - Karl Dunkerley interview
The Centre for Computing History had an interview with Karl Dunkerley about his experiences as an early adopter of the Commodore PET computer.

22.12.2017 - Retro Runner - 1084 repair
Retro Runner made a video about the repair of a Commodore 1084S-P1 monitor. The fault of this monitor was the vertical deflection.

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Site Blog
...from time to time, some thoughts need to get out...
Farewell Patrick!
Author: Zeldin - written on 31.12.2014

Farewell Patrick!Axis/Cascade is no more. We are all still shaken by the unexpected death of our friend and group mate Patrick aka Axis/Cascade. We wanted to express our sorrow, so I coded a little intro, which you can find in the C64 demo section of this page. The following text is a rough excerpt taken from the scroller:

Dear Patrick, may this be the condolence from the the group that was co-founded by you long time ago. We want to give you our last salute. I (Zeldin) know how much you were breathing the spirit of the scene. That's why I thought a goodbye demo would have made you happy. You and me exchanged lots of mails about how much we both enjoyed the good ol' days and of course: how much we miss them... It was this tie that emotionally connected us for over 15 years. Thanks for all your help in supporting the group and your indefatigable endeavour in spreading our name. Your tattoos were legendary! Thanks for your work on fb and youtube. Your channels were appreciated by a lot of people. Thanks for being such a good chap. You'll be sorely missed!!!

Mach's gut, Patrick... den Adler im Herzen, sge4ever!
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