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Quartett Classic Machines Vol. 1

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Hello an welcome to the virtual home of the scene group CASCADE - an illustrious almagamation of home computer freaks.
We are a loose group of people sharing our dedication for the good old Commodore home computers of the 1980s, still wellknown today as "C64" and "Amiga". On our website you'll find own productions (demos, tools and games) - stuff that has been created (or worked on) by members of Cascade. Additionally there are concerning emulators, tools and drivers for download. Have a nice time...

Online for you since 1996!

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18.12.2014 - Amiga related stuff uploaded/edited
Amiga Emualtor/Tool "WinUAE 3.0.0" listed in category Amiga - Emulators and Tools was recently uploaded or revised.

18.11.2014 - C64 related stuff uploaded/edited
C64 Tool "Charmaster" listed in category Scenography - C64 Tools was recently uploaded or revised.

29.10.2014 - Amiga related stuff uploaded/edited
Amiga Packdisk "Deadly Mix 4" listed in category Scenography - Amiga Packdisks was recently uploaded or revised.
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Latest Comments
My "Highscore" Story
Author: Zeldin - written on 19.12.2013

If I ever made a scene contribution that might be worth to mention, it was maybe this one: Giving the initial idea, so that a TV show - that probably would've turned out boring - became some kind of scene happening (and even cult in some people's opinion), at least for a short period between 1988-1990. Sounds like boasting, eh? Read on... it's probably interesting for everyone who attended or saw the show.

1. What was Highscore?
For those unaware, a short description: Highscore was a (computer) TV show aired by Westdeutscher Rundfunk (WDR), a regional broadcaster and part of the big German public service broadcaster called ARD. It was aired only on the WDR channel and therefore regionally limited, because you could only watch it via cable in most regions back then, so it might not have reached all people in Germany. The show was running between 1988-1990 (or 1991, dunno anymore) and became quickly very popular, especially in the German (C64) scene, because lots of reports, live discussions and show guests covered topics or were attached to the scene. Widely known (at least because there are videos on YouTube) was the discussion (it was rather a tribunal :-)) between MWS/Radwar and G√ľnter Freiherr von Gravenreuth, a notorious lawyer and software agent. Furthermore a report is worth to mention that showed members of the German group TWG, who were filmed while cracking a game. This unusual coverage made the show outstanding - even more because German TV shows on public broadcasters are generally known for being more than... ahem, conventional. I am not sure, if there was ever a TV show again, that pointed its attention so much on such an uncommercial subculture scene like ours. As you will see, this came rather by ... read on... ]
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