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Cascade Group Releases

Here you can find most of our releases we made for C64 and Amiga.
If you own old stuff from us, which is not listed here, we'll be glad if you get to contact us.

In this chapter you will find all the demos/intros, that were done by the C64 Divisions of Cascade.

Cascade members were also involved in several C64 game projects, which you can find here.

Yep, we also released some tools and tool collections...

Here you will find many of the Cascade Amiga demos, that made the group famous on Amiga between 1988 the 1991.

This section lists Cascade intros, that were not releases by itself, but linked infront of other releases, e.g. a cracked game.
In case you are looking for cracked games, you are wrong here, btw. :-)

"Packdisks" are collections of different stuff, mostly intros and demos, sampled together on an Amiga disk and equipped with a simple loader menu. Because of their easy usage (no need to run CLI/Workbench) these packages have been quite famous on Amiga back then and likely spreaded and collected. The Packdisks here are released under the flag of Cascade, though some of them might contain a collection of stuff, that is not inevitably made by Cascade members.

Commodore Souvenirs
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Gadget: Quartett Classic Machines Vol. 1

Gadget: Quartett Classic Machines Vol. 1

We also recommend to visit the following web resources:

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