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05.02.2023 - C64 game 'Binal Wordz' released and free for download
Binal Wordz (C64)Binal Wordz follows the originals rules of Wordz (also by Cout Games), only that you now have to guess two secret 5-letter words instead just one. To begin, type a 5-letter word (or if you wish to cheat any random 5 letters) and then press Enter/Return. If you make a mistake, you can press backspace before you submit your guess.
04.02.2023 - 'Minesweeper' for C64 and VIC-20 released and free for download
MinesweeperThis Minesweeper version for Commodore 64 and VIC-20. was developed in BASIC and Compiled for C64. The game is available as digital download together with the Basic source code .
04.02.2023 - Space Taxi Easter Egg (Hidden Menu and features) Commodore 64 - video from 'Commodore Computer Museum'
Video by Commodore Computer Museum - YouTube screenshotSpace Taxi on the Commodore 64, what a classic (maybe this is where the movie Fifth Element got it's inspiration?). Released in 1984 by Muse Software there's more than meets the eye in this very fun Commodore 64 game.
04.02.2023 - The new EVO64 C64 Replica Board - video from 'Jan Beta'
Video by Jan Beta - YouTube screenshotJan is taking an in-depth look at the new EVO64 Commodore 64 replacement PCB and test its capabilities.
04.02.2023 - C64 game 'Hyper Harves' released and free for donwload
Hyper Harves (C64)And another tile matching game by Arlasoft. 'Hyper Harves' is a C64 port of a puzzle game by orion_black that finished 12th in the recent Ludum Dare 52 game jam. You can match two identical tiles that are in line (diagonal or orthogonal), no matter how far apart they are, as long as no other tile is in between. Once a line has been cleared of fruits, it’ll disappear. Don’t let them get to the top.
04.02.2023 - C64 game '20' released
20 (C64)'20' is a logic puzzle game by Arlasoft, who already brought us a bride bunch of classy arcade conversions. I this game you race against the clock to create a 20 tile before the grid fills to the top. You can get the game as digital download for a bargain (name your own price).
03.02.2023 - After 3 years, brand new C64 keycaps are here! - video from 'retrobits'
Video by retrobits - YouTube screenshotThe extraordinarily convoluted story of how new Commodore 64 keys came to be.
03.02.2023 - Top 10 Commodore 64 Clone Games - video from 'BastichB 64K'
Video by BastichB 64K - YouTube screenshotBastichB's favorite 10 C64 clone games + a roundup of the rest and 2 profiles on UK software clone kings Anirog and Interceptor Micros.
01.02.2023 - The Evolution64 - Is it worth the money? - Video from 'The 8-Bit Guy'
Video by The 8-Bit Guy - YouTube screenshot'The 8-Bit Guy' is taking a look at the Evolution64 - or short EVO64 - which is a new C64 replica mainboard. EVO64 was developed by Dr. Stefano (aka Auro) out of an interest to combine many of the best features that have become available for the Commodore 64, into a sleek and fully integrated system, built using modern manufacturing processes, but still remaining completely true to the original system’s heritage and architecture.
01.02.2023 - C64 game 'Veggies vs Undead' released and free for download
Veggies vs Undead (C64)And another one from Dr.Mortal Wombat, the maker of Minotrace, Ball and Chain, Gates of the Ancient, Plekthora. This time it's a game that reminds us of the classic tower defense title Plants vs. Zombies from Electronic Arts. The zombies are on the loose, in fact they are already in front of your property. The only thing standing between your brain and their insatiable appetite is your front yard. Luckily, you've just purchased an assortment of powerful flower seeds. Plant them quickly and skillfully to protect your home.
01.02.2023 - C64 game 'Balls like a Frog' released and free for download
Balls like a Frog (C64)'Balls like a Frog' is a Puzzle Bobble style tile-matching game and the newest release from Dr.Mortal Wombat (Minotrace, Ball and Chain, Gates of the Ancient, Plekthora). You, as a loveable little amphibian, have stumbled upon the temple of Blaf. This disturbance has made you aware of the Sun god being trapped inside one of the temples, where he is kept encased in stone. While at this temple you see that it tries to destroy you with spheres on a path, so you must get firing and bust those balls before they reach the skull and end the frog's hopping life.
28.01.2023 - C64 Activision Achievement Patches! Why haven't you heard about this before now? - video from 'Commodore Computer Museum'
Video by Commodore Computer Museum - YouTube screenshotWhy haven't you heard of Activision Patches for the Commodore 64? What patches could you achieve in 1984-1985 on your Commodore 64?
27.01.2023 - C64 SD2IEC Speed Enhancer tests - video from 'GRay Defender'
Video by GRay Defender - YouTube screenshotIn this video 'GRay Defender' runs some basic unscientific speed tests on the Ultimate64 using DolphinDos and JiffyDos.
26.01.2023 - Protovision Shop: 'Double Dino'- two computer games and a board game
Double DinoThe Double Dino board game and C64 cartridge has been uncovered within the Protovision Shop! Featuring a small board game and two endless dinosaur running games – T-Rex 64 de luxe and CommodoRex, the Double Dino cartridge can now be part of your archeology collection.
25.01.2023 - C64 game 'Caim' released
Caim (C64)'Caim' by Haplo (maker of Tenebra) is a top-down action-adventure game for the C64, available as digital download for a bargain (name your own price). It balances action, exploration and puzzles with an emphasis on the narrative. You, an unnamed player, wake up in a strange place without any recollection of how you got there. Explore the facility, avoid deadly hazards and uncover mysteries. Game features: - 30 rooms to explore. - Three difficulty settings. - In-game map. - In-game achievements. - Compatible with PAL (recommended) and NTSC.
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