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18.04.2020 - C64 related stuff
C64 Emulator/Tool "CCS64 V3.9.2" listed in category "C64 - Emulators and Tools" was recently submitted or revised.

18.04.2020 - Amiga related stuff
Amiga Emulator/Tool "ADF Opus Version 1.2" listed in category "Amiga - Emulators and Tools" was recently submitted or revised.

17.04.2020 - Amiga related stuff
Amiga Emulator/Tool "WinAFR" listed in category "Amiga - Emulators and Tools" was recently submitted or revised.

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Commodore News
...freshly fished out of the net...
26.05.2020 - PDF Retro magazine REV'n'GE issue 110 for download
REV'n'GE (Retro Emulator Vision and Game) is an Italian and English-language PDF magazine, not only for Commodore fans, that mainly focus on game reviews.

26.05.2020 - Video shows preview of WIP C64 game 'Enhanced Freaky Fish'
'Freaky Fish' was a little game for 'Reset64 Craptastic 4k' competetion 2018. Because there were quite a few assets left over after the competition was finished, the developers decided work on an enhanced version. The game was rewritten, using the latest code base along with some very WIP music and some new sprites. This video shows an unfinished preview of the game with quite a bit still to be done.

26.05.2020 - Playable demo of WIP Amiga game 'VergeWorld - Icarus' available for download
VergeWorld: Icarus Rising is a sci-fi shoot'em up, racer game with exploration elements, in which you prove your worth by completing the infamous Death Run challenge. Developer Retro Bones is by now offering a demo version of the game, as .adf file ready for emulation.

26.05.2020 - Introducing the 'BeamRacer' - a new expansion card for the C64
'BeamRacer' enables precise control of the VIC-II graphics chip, allowing for a host of novel visual effects and freeing the main CPU for other tasks. It expands C64 with a new programmable subsystem that continues Commodore's philosophy of keeping things wide open to experimentation. Features: Display List Coprocessor - Programmable Bitmap Sequencer - Lumafix Pro and GrayDotOff - 8-bit Design and Tight System Integration

26.05.2020 - Announcement - Minimig AGA comes to Chameleon!
After several false starts Alastair Robinson finally managed to get the AGA Minimig core to (a) fit, and (b) work on the Turbo Chameleon 64! Here's a little video showing the core in action, and also explaining a little about the future plans regarding cores for the Turbo Chameleon 64.

26.05.2020 - Video Interview Holger 'Harvey Dent' We├čling
Holger tells us about his time publishing and writing books and software for the Amiga under Data Becker and later on other publishing houses. He talks a lot about the atmospheres and little stories and background about the times of computer book / software publishing in the 90s and throughout his book publishing today including the books for the C64 Mini and Maxi.

25.05.2020 - Amiga game 'Tiny Galaga' released
This is a Galaga demake for OCS Amiga in only 36kb. Some tech details: - runs at 50fps. Resolution is 192 x 256 pixel - game and replayer are coded in C99 (compiled with GCC 10.1) - includes 6 music tracks/jingles and 26 sfx - all music+sfx use 5488 bytes (after precalc 51kb chipram is used) - shows a maximum of 101 moving things on screen - all graphics take 17kb and use only one bitplane - no sprites are used

25.05.2020 - C64 cross development tool 'IDE65XX' V0.1.1 released
IDE 65XX is one of the open source IDE options available for developers working with Kick Assembler. IDE 65XX is licensed under the GNU GPL 3 (or higher). IDE 65XX works with Kick Assembler only. Features: editor with syntax highlighting and code auto-completion - Undo/Redo - Different cursor for INSERT and OVERWRITE modes in editor - Customize tab size - Find/Replace - Bookmark - Open documents - Hex editor - Memory Viewer - Insert breakpoints - Insert BASIC SYS Line and much more. Compatible with Windows, MacOS and Linux.

25.05.2020 - New C64 game 'AngiePuffy Quest' released
This little platformer called 'AngiePuffy Quest' was just released at and can be purchased for bargain as digital version (.d64). Help AngiePuffy to get back her animals that were stolen from her farm by some villains (how nasty, isn't it?). Collect all the keys you can find to open the locks holding them captive.

25.05.2020 - Video shows prototype of a C64 tank game
This video shows WIP version of a game engine, that, even in it's early stage, already reminds of the NES classic 'Super Tank'. Hopefully the developer will work and progress more on this...

25.05.2020 - Mini PET announced - a modern take on the Commodore PET 2001
'The Future was 8bit' has just announced the release of a new retro computer, called the Mini PET, which is a fully functional 6502 based computer, compatible with a Commodore PET 2001N-32. It presents one quarter of the size and the tenth of the power consumption of the original 40-year-old computer. Mini PET can be pre-ordered in the 'TFW8b' Shop.

24.05.2020 - Commodore PET: Smooth Scrolling Wedding Banner - new Video from '8-Bit Show And Tell'
Jessica and Michael are getting married, and are bringing their PETs to the wedding reception. So Robin from '8-Bit Show And Tell' does some cross-assembly on his Commodore 64 to make a smooth-scrolling banner for them, and go into excessive detail on how it all works.

23.05.2020 - WIP C64 game 'Marios Cement Factory' getting closer to completion
Originally 'Mario's Cement Factory' is a 1983 LCD game developed and published by Nintendo under their Game & Watch series and is currently being ported to C64.

22.05.2020 - 'Retro Format' - another Kickstarter magazine with retro computer content in the making
'Retro Format' is a professionally printed, A4 sized magazine covering a wide range of retro computers and consoles and will cover the following contents: Guides to various computer and consoles systems - new Game Reviews for old hardware, Amiga, Atari, Commodore 64, ZX Spectrum, Amstrad CPC, MS-Dos, Sega Master System, Nintendo Entertainment System and many more systems - latest news happening in the retro scene - retro inspired games - future classics, where we review a game that we think will be remembered as a classic - blast from the past reviews, where old games are reviewed from a modern viewpoint. Classic Movies and television section.

22.05.2020 - New on Kickstarter - The FUSION 2021 Annual
The FUSION Annual 2021 magazine covers, or fuses, content on all types of gaming including retro, modern, Indie, table top and even toys and the Fusion 2021 Annual follows suit with a huge variety of content that would appeal to everyone who likes playing games. The annual is 120 pages in length and A5 in size, hardback and is colour throughout with high quality 135gsm glossy paper inside just like our Crash and ZZap! 64 Annuals.

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Site Blog
...from time to time, some thoughts need to get out...
Farewell Patrick!
Author: Zeldin - written on 31.12.2014

Farewell Patrick!Axis/Cascade is no more. We are all still shaken by the unexpected death of our friend and group mate Patrick aka Axis/Cascade. We wanted to express our sorrow, so I coded a little intro, which you can find in the C64 demo section of this page. The following text is a rough excerpt taken from the scroller:

Dear Patrick, may this be the condolence from the the group that was co-founded by you long time ago. We want to give you our last salute. I (Zeldin) know how much you were breathing the spirit of the scene. That's why I thought a goodbye demo would have made you happy. You and me exchanged lots of mails about how much we both enjoyed the good ol' days and of course: how much we miss them... It was this tie that emotionally connected us for over 15 years. Thanks for all your help in supporting the group and your indefatigable endeavour in spreading our name. Your tattoos were legendary! Thanks for your work on fb and youtube. Your channels were appreciated by a lot of people. Thanks for being such a good chap. You'll be sorely missed!!!

Mach's gut, Patrick... den Adler im Herzen, sge4ever!
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